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My list of #52Tech posts for 2014. This project involves exploring one new piece of tech (apps, tools, programs) each week, which provide solutions for writers and other creatives.

#52Tech Week 17 | Vector Drawing and Plans

The V post for #26Tech A-Z Challenge lists some easy to use apps for creating vector drawings, diagrams or plans.

Webapps, desktop apps, and mobile apps profiled - flow diagrams, vector drawings, floorplans, etc.

#52Tech Week 16 | Project Inspiration Gathering Tools

Profiles some excellent apps for Project Inspiration gathering and visual displays.

Webapps, desktop and mobile apps profiled.

#52Tech Week 15 | Journaling Apps

The J post for #26Tech A-Z Challenge profiles a few valuable Journaling Apps.

Journaling webapps, desktop and mobile apps profiled here.

#52Tech Week 14 | Drafts for iPAD

Drafts includes Markdown support, and copious export abilities and social media integration for any notes created.

#52Tech | Week 12: Grammar like Hemingway

There are many grammar and proof-reading tools out there for the writer. Some are prohibitively expensive, some are free. The Hemingway app checks for readability based on the writing master, and falls under the free side. The webapp works as a simple copy and paste job - paste into the write screen, press edit, and...

#52Tech | Week 11: ThingLink - Beef up your Visual Resumes and Marketing

ThingLink is an online app which allows you to create hotlinks embedded into images you upload. You can then share those images to social media, or embed into your website. Perfect for beefing up your visual banners, images, resumes and marketing materials. Big in the education markets because it's free and easy to use, and...

#52Tech | Week 10: Quip - Realtime Writing Collaboration

Quip is a word processing app built for real-time collaboration of your documents, and available for free across the web, iOS, Android or on your desktop. Quip was only launched six months or so ago, and has a successful pedigree. It was developed by Bret Taylor, former head of Google Maps and CTO at Facebook;...

Week 9: Scapple (Win & Mac desktop)

Scapple is the brainstorming, free-form text editor by the makers of Scrivener. Now that it's out for Windows also, I finally found some time to give Scapple a go. Scapple is often classified as mindmapping software. Strictly speaking, it's not. It's more a free-form text editor useful for unstructured brainstorming.

Week 8: Don't Break the Chain

Don't Break the Chain - for those in the dark, is a productivity tip originated by Jerry Seinfeld. The concept sits around a basic cross-off calendar or chart. For any habit or task you want to set in concrete, and do daily, you create a calendar and each time you "do that act" you put...

Week 7: Markdown Writing Apps

Comprehensive List of Markdown writing tools and apps for all OS.

Week 6: Canva

Free webapp for designing Facebook cover photos, infographics, blog headers, photo collages, presentations, posters and flyers, business cards, invitations, and many other types. Drag and drop from provided templates and graphics, upload your own. Pay per pro-image used, download as png or PDF with a usage license.

Week 5: Listen N Write (Windows)

Free app that plays back audio files with some excellent stop/replay features, and provides the time to type a transcript into a text file editor (or your own). Windows desktop and portable version.

Week4: The Ultimate List of Distraction Blockers for Creatives

Large links list catergorised into full-screen writing apps, text editors , site and app blockers, activity monitors, noise reduction and ambient sounds, timers and other apps to help keep us on task.

Week 3: Writing Challenge App (iOS and Android)

Two Apps - one for adults, one for kids. A very simple app but with a large database of prompts. Aimed to allow writers to explore the prompts in their writing journals or anywhere.

Week 2: Story Skeleton (iOS)

An outliner app for the iPAD which exports/imports to Scrivener.

Week 1: Word Mover App (IOS)

An iOS app that is free, and works like the digital equivalent of magnetic fridge poetry.