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30 Goals for 2014
We suggest 30 goals for educators to accomplish in a year. Accomplish 1 to 30 of your choice and post a reflection. #30GoalsEDU


Goal: Engage with Poetry

by Georgia Psarra, @JoPsarra1, Greece
To accomplish this goal:
Have your students create a multimedia presentation, digital story, comic, or video in which they express their interpretations, emotions, or thoughts of a poem. 

Goal: Learn with Passion

by Maria Bossa, @MariaBossa, Argentina
To accomplish this goal:
spend time learning something you are passionate about.

Goal: Learn to Play

by Dave Dodgson, @DaveDodgson, Turkey
To accomplish this goal:
let a student or child teach you how to play a game (video game).

Goal: Help Them Shine

by Sylvia Guinan, @ESLBrain, Greece
To accomplish this goal:
recognize one of our peers who has done something inspiring. Mention him/her in your blog, FB group, or share his/her work.

Goal: Get Rid of the Unnecessary Weight

by Hana Ticha, @HanaTicha, Czech Republic
To accomplish this goal answer (one of/some of) the following questions:
1) What is your burden you wish to dispose of at the moment?
2) What's the biggest burden you've ever had to get rid of? How did you go about it? Was it a painful process?
3) How do you usually get rid of the unnecessary weight that makes you walk more slowly - in your personal and/or professional life?

Goal: Animate a Historical Character by @mjgsm

by Mª Jesús García S.M. ‏@mjgsm, Spain
To accomplish this goal -
Students choose a character from a painting, art piece, or piece of literature or history you are studing.They create the dialogue and narrate it through a web tool or mobile app.
YakIt Kids and Chatterpix are great apps to add voice to any picture.*Babblerize, Photobabble, Voki, and Tellagami also are great tools for students to bring a character to life.

Goal: Share a Page of Your Future Textbook

by Walton Burns from Branford, CT, USA. Teachers create incredible lessons that could be part of a textbook they design for their students. Accomplish this goal by describing this textbook or re-imagining one of your lessons as a part of your textbook.

Goal: Let them be the Stars!!

by Cristina Silva, @cristimsilva, a teacher in Porto, Portugal. To accomplish this goal:
help students discover their talents. Need inspiration? Cristina provides you 4 ideas in this post!

Goal 1: Prepare for the Journey

To accomplish this goal-
reflect on your teaching in 2013 & share 1 accomplishment
*introduce yourself to the 30 Goals community
*make a connection with 1 person in the 30 Goals
Do a 321 presentation with 3 things we should know about you, 2 goals you'd like to accomplish in 2014, 1 achievement you are proud of from 2013

Goal: e-Encourage to e-Read by mjgsm

by Mª Jesús García S.M. ‏@mjgsm, Spain
To accomplish this goal -
*Interview your students about their experience reading with their digital devices or reflect on your experiences.
-Brief definition of the e-reading features of the student
-Places and times where they read
_Devices they use for their e-reading
-Types of e-books they read
-The e-book of their lifetime
*Make a video / audio recording of these reflections or post on a blog

Goal: Make Real World Connections by Ian Snyder

by Ian Snyder, @ateachr
To accomplish this goal:
-Bring in a member of the community that uses content from your classroom in their workplace. Have them present a “Why is matters?” session with your class. (This can be through a classroom visit, a field trip, a Skype/Google Hangout call, etc.)
-Post pictures, videos, student reflections, projects. We want to see how your classroom came alive!

Goal: Make a Global Connection! Vicky Loras interviews Fabiana Casella

Vicky Loras interviews Fabiana Casella about teaching in Argentina. Goals covered- Teach Digital Citizenship, Make a Global Connection, Confront the Issues

Goal: Make A Global Connection

We revisit this 2012 goal inspired by Vicky Loras' interview.
Connect with an educator in another country or have your students connect with students in another country. Several social media tools support great conversation, collaboration, and discussion.

Goal: Confront the Issues

We revisit this 2013 goal inspired by Vicky Loras' interview.
Confront an issue with one of your classes or learners. Be responsible and think about their ages and how to best approach the issue before doing this.

Goal: Teach Digital Citizenship

We revisit this 2011 goal inspired by Vicky Loras' interview. Write down one aspect of digital citizenship that you think is important to teach students and suggest a resource.

Goal: Link To The World

by Maria Josè Giavedoni from Argentina
Accomplish the goal by connecting with at least one teacher from around the world through online communities (via Facebook, Google Plus, etc.). Ask this teacher's class to join your class in an activity, project, or lesson.

Goal: Spice Up an Old Presentation

by Chris Rogers, @cdr58_1977, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
To accomplish this goal spice up an old presentation. Suggestions include update the images, choose a new theme, eliminate bullet points, revise your text, add a poll, link to a video, etc.

Goal: eStudents Connecting and Creating

by Mª Jesús García S.M. ‏@mjgsm, Spain
To accomplish this goal have your students create an online task for others to complete such as a poll, survey (Google Form), Padlet discussion, collaborative digital story, quiz (, game (Kahoot, TinyTap), etc.

Goal: Support Learning with Apps

by Raquel Gonzaga, @Rach_Gonzaga, Brazil
To accomplish this goal:
support your learning with an app or introduce your students to apps like Quizlet to support their learning

Goal: Create Chain Stories

by Mª Jesús García S.M. ‏@mjgsm, Spain
To accomplish this goal - 
Get your learners to contribute to a class chain story. Padlet, Voicethread, and Voxopop are great free tools to try this.