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Am I Depressed?

Here are a list of helpful resources that will help you if you are asking " Am I Depressed?"

Depression Test, Am I Depressed?

(source: Depression strikes millions each year, often with debilitating consequences. This psychological disorder is so common that it is sometimes referred to as the "common cold" of mental health, with nearly 10% of the population suffering from a depressive disorder at any given time. National Institute of Mental Health) Depression also has a high cure rate.

Depression self-assessment - Health tools - NHS Choices

NHS depression self-assessment test with help and advice if you're suffering from depression or anxiety. Find out if you're showing signs or symptoms of depression.

Psych Central - Depression Screening Test

Test your depressive feelings today and track them over time.

am i depressed - Google Search

About 427,000,000 results Take the depression test to see whether you are suffering from this debilitating psychological disorder. The test will score you on six different forms of... ... professional for diagnosis and treatment of depression, or for tracking your depression on a regular basis. ...

Am I Depressed? Take the Quiz and Assess Yourself.

Interactive Tool: Are You Depressed? - What does this tool measure? This interactive tool can help you assess your symptoms and find out if you might have depression. It calculates how many common symptoms of depression you have and-based on your answers-suggests where you might be on a scale from not depressed to depressed.

Depression Symptoms Exposed

With so many depression symptoms it's almost impossible not to feel the negative effects that this illness brings with it. Not all the symptoms are psychological ones, depression can also cause many physical problems too. You can take a depression test online but it is advisable that you seek professional help from your GP.

12 Surprising Causes of Depression

There are many well-known depression triggers: Trauma, grief, financial troubles, and unemployment are just a few. But if you are depressed and none of these apply to you, it can be hard to pinpoint a specific cause.

Is Depression A Disability?

Is depression a disability? I believe it is. Any condition either a physical or mental one that prevents a person from doing normal day to day tasks is a disability in my eyes. What is a disability? It is a physical or mental condition that limits a person's movements, senses, or activities.

Are You Bummed Out...Or Depressed?

Are You Bummed Out...Or Depressed? Could your sadness be something more serious? Take our quiz and find out "Ugh. I'm depressed." We've all said it, and even the most happy-go-lucky among us will have an occasional bout of the blues.

How Do You Get Depression?

Today I was asked "So how do you get depression?" From a mum who is feeling rather frustrated and angry as she believed she was a strong person and had never thought she would ever fall victim again after suffering with postnatal depression in the past.