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What are the Pro's and Con's of Vintage Engagement Rings?

Vintage Engagement Rings Vintage jewelry is so timeless, each piece is unique with design and intricate details. These pieces are heirlooms that have been past down from many generations and vintage rings are even more captured in a story from some distant past.

Coping with pain

Research Results for Coping With Pain German researchers primarily studied two known techniques for pain management: Distraction: The ability to shift attention away from the painful stimulation. Self-Talk, otherwise known as Cognitive Restructuring: Saying to yourself, "This does not hurt."

World's Best Airports for Shopping

I love airports. Really I do. I travel a lot and for someone that enjoys a good airport, I am fortunate to get to visit plenty. I travel for business and in general I enjoy it every time. Sometimes I don't even mind a delay here or there.

Natural Remedies for Acne

There is no shortage of acne treatments - tried and true products and potions are plentiful. But like many things today, there is renewed interest in natural remedies for healing and preventing acne. It might be because there is wider acceptance that natural treatments can, and do, work - or it might be that people simply want to avoid harsh chemicals and give nature a try.

6 Weeks to Sexy - Getting Results with Blake Worrall-Thompson

It's a really exciting time in the health and fitness industry-there's a stack of unreal information out there and tons of research that is giving us more and more answers. We know more than ever before about optimal fitness and nutrition, which is good news!

Aging Wine

A question wine lovers ask when contemplating buying a bottle of red wine is: how will it age? Or, more applicable these days, will it age at all? Aging wine is an age old question. There are various answers to this riddle and, in general today, I hesitate to suggest that any red wine is a candidate for aging.

Variable Speed Heat Pumps

Posted on 03 March 2014 by heatingcoolingsource Variable Speed Heat Pumps By Betty Stephens Air conditioning is essential in many states. Managing both temperature and comfort throughout the home are challenges facing any residential heating and cooling system.

Disaster Preparedness Teams Can Benefit from a Recent World Economic Forum 2014 Risks Report

In an earlier posting on this website, our staff published a story reviewing the consensus for listing the threats of 2013 which impacted many organizations. In this posting, the point addressed is that very often risks of threats or incidents can impact an organization because of the occurrence of some global size event that would appear to be beyond the scope of an organization's disaster preparedness planning.

International Human Rights and Mental Disability Law: When the Silenced are Heard

A recently published book (Oxford University Press) in the American Psychology-Law Society's Book Series provides a great resource for academics, practitioners, legal scholars, and policy makers involved in mental health work, both nationally and internationally. This article provides a summary of the contents of the book and some brief comments about the book.

The Best Place to Stay in Las Vegas in March

Where's the best place to stay in Las Vegas? In March it's got to be the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino in beautiful Downtown Las Vegas! They've got more FUNtastic events happening during March than any where else in town and it's right in the heart of Fremont Street which adds more entertainment, more sights to see and more places to party!

Encouraging Words from a Young Event Planning Professional

Today's guest post is by Emily Dwyer. Emily is currently living and working in Australia. It's her hopes that she will be able to work full-time in the event planning field in Australia. Emily is documenting her journey into the event planning industry on her blog, .

Wild Wildlife Jobs

If you are spending your weekends hiking camping or just looking at the bugs and butterflies in your backyard, you might consider converting your recreational passion into your livelihood by searching for a wildlife job.

Orange and Pink Wedding Colors |

I love to add posts about wedding color combinations. At The Heart of St. Charles Ballrooms, located in St. Louis Missouri, ( I see great color combinations and different uses for all of them. The Popularity of Orange and Pink as Wedding Colors!

Engagement Proposal - Put a Ring on it!

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge fan of a great engagement proposal. As Julia Roberts would say HUGE! As it turns out I won't get an engagement proposal or wedding and that's by choice. But I'm a softy at heart and no matter how simplistic or difficult I can't get me enough of a happy proposal.

Finding a Personal Trainer - The First Training Session

In "Finding a Personal Trainer - Interviewing the Personal Trainer" we reviewed important criteria to look for when choosing the right personal trainer. But what a personal trainer knows is very different from how he/she applies that knowledge and trains with a client.

A New Disease We Can't Stop

Imagine knowing that a disease is coming but you can't stop it or cure it. There is such a disease. Health officials in the U.S. are preparing for the arrival of a debilitating mosquito-borne virus that is sweeping the Caribbean and could soon break out across large parts of the Americas.

Why Being Leader of North Korea Would be Pretty Good Fun

Wouldn't life be great if you were Kim Jung-un? Being leader of a country would normally be a bit of a drag but North Korea is so utterly insane a place that being the leader there could be a lot of fun.

Having a Successful Garage Sale

Moving into a new home can be great motivation for hosting a garage sale and turning unused items into some extra cash. If you have a lot of items to dispose of, you might want to have an estate sale.

Snake Traps: What to Do to Capture a Snake

When a snake gets into your basement or other part of your home, snake traps may seem like the right solution. Unfortunately, not all "solutions" for getting rid of an unwanted snake are equally safe, humane, or appropriate. Glue traps, in particular, are especially inhumane, as we'll explain below.

E-learning: Web-Based Training

Different types of web-based training can be used in different circumstances and conditions. Facilitated online learning is a type of web-based training where there is a facilitator who guides learners and provides them with support during the training course. This type of training is usually used at universities.

Wellness in Bathroom - Mental and Physical Wellbeing

Wellness in Bathroom Trending Wellness in bath design is trending in 2014 - but what does "wellness" actually mean? And how does it apply to plumbing design? Merriam Webster's dictionary defines wellness as a "state of being that promotes better mental and physical health." The term was included in Gensler 's 2014 Design Forecast*," cited...

Why Cash Out Refinance On Investment Property

You may wonder how smart investors built their wealth so quickly. They simply use their property's equity to fund the purchase of another property, more like tapping into their gold mine. Savvy investors know having an investment property provides property owners the potential to either build wealth or boost cash flow.

Travellers Beach Resort in Negril Jamaica

Travellers Beach Resort in Negril Jamaica Travellers Beach Resort in Negril Jamaica is an affordable hotel destination in Negril. The hotel is situated right on the beautiful world famous 7 Miles Beach which boast soft white sand crystal blue water. I recently visited Travellers Beach Resort in Negril Jamaica during my tour of...

Developing a Positive Attitude!

If I've learned anything it's that a positive attitude will take you a long way. Just yesterday a client asked me "Why are you always smiling and so happy?" And it got me thinking. I have always believed that you get back what you put out.

Time to restructure Football Operations in the NFL

In my book Taking Your Team To The Top - How to build and manage great teams like the pros , I devote an entire chapter to the art of maintaining excellence in the wake of success. "Truly great teams are always looking to improve.