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The Coalition of Physicians for Social Justice - Choosing to live with good care and dignity: A case of severe Amyotr...

MONTREAL, June 5, 2013 /CNW Telbec/ - Today, at home and at the bedside of Dr. Frank Humphrey, a press conference emphasized the value of human life. Mr. Humphrey is a quadriplegic suffering from the ravages of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease).

Montreal physicians protest poverty

Some Montreal-area physicians are staging protests to raise awareness among their colleagues about the link between poverty and poor health. The Coalition of Physicians for Social Justice was formed 5 years ago after the physicians were galvanized by the introduction of Quebec's universal drug insurance plan.

A clinician's view of public health care in Quebec

MJM: Please describe how your divide you practice on a week-to-week basis. Dr. Saba: I work about one week a month doing hospitalization at the Lachine Hospital in Montreal. I do another week of mixed hospitalization, either with intensive care or without intensive care.

Belgian professor warns Quebec about risks of euthanasia laws

MONTREAL -- Eleven years after Belgium passed its euthanasia laws, there remain many risks and abuses, the dean of the faculty of law at a Belgian university told a Montreal audience Sunday. Professor Etienne Montero of the University of said most requests in Belgium are not rooted in physical pain which can be controlled, but in psychological suffering.

Federal government says it will review Quebec's right-to-die legislation

MONTREAL - The federal government says it will review Quebec's right-to-die legislation, setting the stage for a possible showdown between Ottawa and the province's sovereigntist government. Quebec argues delivery of health-care services is a provincial jurisdiction and maintains it is on firm legal ground with the landmark bill - the first of its kind in Canada.

Hot debate continues over Quebec "euthanasia" bill

In Canada, health care is almost entirely within the jurisdiction of individual provinces. The minority government in the mostly French-speaking province of Quebec is currently proposing a law which it calls "An Act respecting end of life care" and labelled as Bill 52. Dr Paul Saba, a Montreal doctor heads the Coalition of Physicians for...

EUTHANASIA DEBATE: Paul Brunet & Dr. Paul Saba - September 25, 2013 by CJAD800

Debate: will a posthumous video plea by a doctor who sought euthanasia change people's minds over assisted suicide? PRO euthanasia: Patients rights advocate Paul Brunet and CON euthanasia: Dr Paul Saba, president of Coalition of Physicians for Social Justice

"On fait de notre mieux" -Dr Paul Saba

Même si ça peut paraître surprenant, quelques rares hôpitaux de la grande région de Montréal avaient des lits libres à l'urgence. "On a des réunions quotidiennement. Les médecins de l'urgence travaillent étroitement avec la coordination des lits", lance le Dr Paul Saba, rattaché au Centre hospitalier de Lachine.

Lachine hospital losing 20 per cent of beds

A doctor at the Lachine hospital is raising concern about the potential impact on patients after learning the hospital will be losing 20 percent of its beds in coming days. Dr. Paul Saba said he and the rest of the staff at the Saint-Joseph Hospital in Lachine received the news on Monday.

Cut 'top-heavy' health bureaucracy: Dr. Saba

When provincial government money is used to fund a $1,400 per person trip to a silent retreat, something inside the health system is clearly broken, according to Dr. Paul Saba, of the Coalition des Médecins pour la Justice Sociale; worse still, the recipient of the expenses-paid weekend trip was not a frontline healthcare worker who could use the rest, but a government bureaucrat.

Grippe A: entrevue avec le Dr Paul Saba (2 de 2).

La Coalition des médecins pour la justice sociale craint que l'activité grippale connaisse son plus haut niveau d'ici deux semaines, bien avant que toute la population soit vaccinée.

Quebec doubles its prescription premiums

But some people say the new system penalizes the poor. Jennifer Auchinleck, a community organizer who is fighting the increase, would like to see low-income families receive their medications free. And Dr. Paul Saba, president of the Coalition of Physicians for Social Justice, says there are alternatives to "downloading the costs" to taxpayers.

A pill for every problem

The capsule with the yellow bars on it - Celebrex - is for her arthritis. The yellow oval-shaped pill, Hyzaar, is taken to lower her high blood pressure, along with a white pill, Atenelol. She would never consider forgetting that redandwhite capsule, Lyrica, to ease her chronic pain.