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Link Roundup 2/5

How to Write a Professional Social Media Bio

Talking about yourself is hard. Doing it in 160 characters or less is even harder. That's probably why so many of us end up stressed about crafting the perfect professional bio for Twitter - or LinkedIn, Facebook or other social networks. It has to set you apart, but still reflect approachability.

Creating an Automated Custom Tweet Archive with IFTTT

If you follow @giipucsc on Twitter (and you should!) you know that we link to about a dozen fascinating articles each day relating to subjects like Social Enterprise, Nonprofits, Nonprofit Tech, and Social Media. The smart social media manager will know how to repurpose data.

The Nonprofit Marketer's Guide to the Millennial Persona

If your organization is engaging Millennials through content that's based on their likes and dislikes, age, gender, jobs, brands they follow, stores they shop at, and ways they learn about and give to an organization, both online and offline, then you can stop reading and go get a cup of coffee.

South Africa explores social impact bonds

It is proving to be an explosive year for social impact bonds. An estimated $300 to $500 million of these pay-for-success contracts are currently in development and expected to materialize over the next 24 months. Just in the last month, the state of New York and Massachusetts both announced new contracts to decrease recidivism and improve employment outcomes.

Portable Solar Power Suitcase Reduces Maternal and Infant Mortality

Here in the developed world, we take modern healthcare and all of the technology that supports it for granted, including the most basic of services, such as power and light.

4 Tools for Nonprofit Social Listening and Reputation Management

Keeping track of everything that is being said about you online is difficult, given the myriad online channels available to users. Organizations who employ social listening strategies can identify and engage with new donors, manage their online reputation and get in front of crises as they happen.

A Pragmatic Playbook for Aspiring Social Entrepreneurs

Submitted by: Tsega Belachew on 01/31/14 Editor's Note: This post was written by Rukmini Banerjee an Associate with the Ashoka Empathy Initiative based on a brown bag conversation with Jim Thompson at Ashoka Headquarters in DC. Thirteen years of fieldwork in social entrepreneurship have culminated in The Social Entrepreneur's Playbook: Pressure Test Your Start-Up - Step 1.

Lean Startup - NYC Lean For Social Good Summit Winners - Lean Impact

One December 5th, Lean Impact launched its first Lean For Social Good Summit in NYC where we got together an incredible group of nonprofit leaders, social entrepreneurs, Lean Startup experts, philanthropists, funders, and innovators to bring Lean Startup principles to the social good space.

Charities are 'drowning in fundraising data and failing to realise its potential'

By Jenna Pudelek, Third Sector Online, 30 January 2014 Survey by the software firm Blackbaud and the consultancy nfpSynergy finds only 30 per cent of respondents feel they are doing a good job in utilising their data Charities are "drowning in data" and struggling to realise the fundraising potential of the information they hold on donors, according to a new report by the software company Blackbaud and the research consultancy nfpSynergy.

The Global Information Internship Program

The Global Information Internship Program (GIIP, pronounced "jeep") is a fabulous program at UCSC, which allows undergraduates to fund and work on projects they are passionate about in the areas of global social justice and sustainability. This video helps to explain more about GIIP, so students can find out how to get more involved.

The Digital Elevator Pitch: Create Click-Worthy Social Media Profiles

Don't underestimate the power of the social elevator pitch People spend hours rehearsing their elevator pitch. Getting it right means delivering a powerful value proposition in the time it takes to travel between floors - 30 seconds to two minutes. The goal is to connect and continue the conversation after the doors slide shut.

IDEO Shopping Cart Project

DeepDive methodology in practice. Introduction 3:30 Development Processes and Organizations 5:20 Product Planning 6:00 Identifying Customer Needs´╗┐ 7:00 Product Specifications 8:40 Concept Generation 10:10 or 11:00 Concept Selection 11:50 Concept Testing 12:50 Product Architecture Industrial Design 16:00 Design for Manufacturing 12:00 or 15:40 Prototyping 16:20 Robust Design 16:50 or 17:35 Patents and Intellectual Property ??

The Female Face of Poverty: A Global Perspective

January 14, 2014 By Jaclyn Berfond, Senior Associate, Strategy Last week in The Atlantic, Maria Shriver wrote a moving article on poverty in America today and the implications for women. In the piece, Ms. Shriver advocates for women to come together to push for policies that will help all women in this country achieve the American Dream of prosperity.

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Last September, I wrote a Beneblog post: Objecting to Accessibility Weaseling, about Amazon and other ebook reader makers trying to dodge out on making their devices accessible. This is an update on that fight.

Leadership can be innate but also nurtured and developed

Can you give a brief overview of your career so far and how you made it to where you are now? I have always been very creative and entrepreneurial. I did a degree in design branding and marketing at the University For The Creative Arts in Rochester where I learned a range of skills from graphic design to marketing communication, strategy, branding, consumer psychology and advertising.