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Updated by Christine iDreamofClean on Jul 10, 2018
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Cleaning Tips

Complete list of cleaning tips that make it easy to clean your house.

Cleaning Tips

Need to clean your house? Here are the best cleaning tips to help you making cleaning your home a cinch!

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist (free printable)

You probably have your routine down when it comes to cleaning the bathroom. But are you forgetting to clean a few important things in the bathroom? When it comes to cleaning, organizing and maintaining the bathroom, try using a checklist to make sure you get every inch of your bathroom clean!

How to Clean Diamonds in Your Wedding Ring

Professional jewelers know how to clean diamonds. But do you? Here are a few tricks to cleaning your diamond ring at home and making it sparkle!

SUPER Clean Plasma Screen TV...just in time for the SUPER Bowl!

Do you want a super clean plasma screen TV to watch your favorite shows with ultimate clarity? Here's what you need to know.

How to Clean Ugg Boots

I have a friend who scored a great deal on Ugg Boots at a yard sale. They were her size and the exact color she was looking for. The only problem was that they were a little bit dirty and needed to be cleaned. I did some research and found a few easy ways to clean ugg boots at home.

Refresh Bathroom Towels

Have you noticed a funky smell on your bathroom towels? What about your kitchen towels? Here's how to refresh your towels and get them really clean.

9 Simple Ways to Get Motivated to Clean

Your house needs to be cleaned but you have absolutely no motivation to do it. What do you do? How do you get motivated to clean your home? Since the season of cleaning is here, you'll probably be doing a lot of it. Here are a few ways to get motivated to clean!

Oreck Steam-It Mop

Over the past couple of weeks we've been trying to figure out which steam mop is best. I've tried the Shark Lift-Away Professional Steam Mop and really liked it. You can read my full review here. But today I want to compare the Shark to the Oreck Steam-It Mop.

When and How to Clean a Chimney

I've been wondering when and how to clean a chimney ever since my family moved into our house this year. Since having a wood burning fireplace is new to me, I wanted to make sure we operated and cleaned it correctly.

6 Unique Ways to Condition and Clean a Leather Sofa

Learning to condition and clean leather sofas has been on my to do list for a while. When we moved earlier this year, we found a fan-tastic deal on a leather couch way, waaay back in the clearance section of the furniture store.

How to Clean a Humidifier

I finally figured out how to clean a humidifier. This isn't something I usually think about. Ever. But having kids in the house will make you clean things you never thought about cleaning before! My youngest son took a trip to the ER a couple of weeks ago because he could barely breathe.

How to Clean a Water Cooler

Have you ever wondered how to clean a water cooler? Water coolers are prone to odors because they’re usually damp and the lids are closed. Since the presence of bacteria and other microorganisms may leave an unpleasant odor to your cooler, we should all clean our coolers after every use. Once mildew has gotten all cozy in your cooler, it can be difficult to get rid of; so STOP it before it starts! Clean your cooler immediately after a vacation, camping trip, or whatever fun you used your cooler for.

How to Disinfect a Toothbrush

Have you ever needed to know how to disinfect a toothbrush? With sick season just around the corner, there’s a chance you’ll need to disinfect your toothbrush. Perhaps you’ll catch a cold or virus right after you pull out a new toothbrush. Maybe you’ll just want to disinfect a toothbrush while your sick. Whatever the reason, here are a few ways to disinfect a toothbrush that may come in handy.

Clean Makeup Brushes in 4 Easy Steps

Cleaning out your makeup brushes can seem like a chore. I mean, do we really need one more thing to wash? However, the benefits for your skin and your makeup application (hello, flawless eyeshadow!) are well worth the time that it takes to lather up your brushes once a week.

How to Clean Baby Toys

Several pregnant friends have recently asked me how to clean baby toys. Since consignment sale season is beginning, a few of my friends have picked up used baby toys, while others are preparing to pull out baby toys from previous children. Either way, old toys can use a good scrubbing every now and then.

How to Clean Diamonds in Your Wedding Ring

Think back to that moment he asked you to marry him. He opened that little box and the diamonds in the ring sparkled and shined. Fast forward a few years. You don't clean your ring as often, the diamonds are a little dull and desperately need attention.