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iPad Apps for K-12

A list of fun + educational apps for K-12 kids in Math, Geography, and Science. The apps should be games that kids learn from and not apps that just "teach". Share your kids' favorite apps here.

Mathcubes: Addition and Subtraction

A fantastic app so that your children enjoy and learn Maths in an entertaining and fun way. You will see how in a short amount of time they will control numbers and solve sums and subtractions without hardly making an effort. They will surprise you!

Fun lesson, learned lesson!

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Stack the States

Stack the States is an incredibly fun and educational app. In couple of weeks of playing this game, my kids have learned a whole lot of geography of the United States. I've managed to learn quite a bit myself just by listening to them play/talk about it. Highly recommended.

Stack the Countries

Did you know that the smallest country in the world is Vatican? Monaco is next smallest? With Stack the Countries, kids learn about countries, capitals, location, landmarks. Brilliantly done and keeps the kids engaged and coming back for more. My third-grader already has a "bucket list" of countries he wants to visit!

Teaching Table | Digital Math Manipulatives

Teaching Table is a set of digital math manipulatives designed for the iPad. Teachers can create and share interactive math lessons.

TeachMe: Kindergarten By 24x7digital LLC

2010 Best App Ever Awards - 2nd Place in EducationTeachMe: Kindergarten is an educational iPhone app which teaches four different age appropriate subjects to Kindergarten aged children: sight words, addition, subtraction and spelling. Parents can select which subjects they want, set different difficulty levels, and even choose specific questions. Parents can review performance history for each subject to check how their child is doing.

Quick Math+

The follow-up to our top-rated maths app is here! Quick Maths+ takes the maths challenge to the next level and brings some fun, new surprises along the way.

With a focus on self-improvement, Quick Maths+ encourages the development of mental arithmetic skills as players race the clock to improve their score and earn stars to unlock exciting new avatars.


Shadow Puppet for iPad & iPhone

Shadow Puppet for iPad & iPhone

Shadow Puppet is a digital storytelling app for iPad designed for kids. Students record mini-movies or presentations that combine photos and their voice. See examples of Shadow Puppet in the classroom.

Brainfeed – Educational Videos for Kids

Brainfeed is an iPad app filled with a passionately curated collection of educational videos designed to inform and inspire kids ages 7+, tweens and teens.

Rocket Math

While your rocket is floating weightlessly in space, the real fun begins!

Build rockets, but you need to earn points by doing math before you can buy all the parts you need. My kids are hooked. Yours?

Dr. Geometry

Be a geometer with Dr. Geo: construct and manipulate interactive geometric models.

Labo Car Designer

All children have the same dream: build and driving their own cars. Labo Car Designer can make this dream come true.

Labo Car Designer is a creativity app for children ages 4-8.
This app allows children to design(draw, customize and decorate) their own vehicles.


Do you want to teach your child numbers from 1 to 10? It’s very simple with our application. With the application, your child will be able to easily say numbers, show numbers on fingers and write numbers. The application is perfect for homeschooling.

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Sum Fun

Sum Fun

Sum Fun, the unique puzzle game that exercises your maths, memory and strategy skills. A fun way to train your brain!

~~ Easy to Play ~~

Take a number and place it into an empty square. If it matches the last digit of the sum of all the neighbouring squares, they’ll get blasted away. Empty all the squares in as few moves as possible to win!

~~ Fun to Master ~~

If you love Sudoku games, you’ll enjoy testing your maths skills, as well as discovering the strategies you need to get the best scores. Build your memory by remembering the sum of groups of squares. Can’t find a place to put any of the pieces? Plan ahead by strategically placing your piece to set up a sum for a future move.

~~ Endless Variety ~~

Each game begins with a completely random selection of pieces – no two games are alike. Choose from different boards and find the strategies to solve each one. Compete with your friends by sharing the challenge code – no internet connection needed!

Great for kids and adults alike. Have Sum Fun, and exercise your mind!