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Headline for Gamification apps to improve habits and get things done
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Gamification apps to improve habits and get things done

Play games to get your chores done, inculcate good habits, improve your behavior, and save the environment.

HabitRPG | Gamify Your Life

Whenever you reinforce a positive habit, complete a daily task, or take care of an old to-do, HabitRPG immediately rewards you with experience points and gold. As you gain experience, you can level up, increasing your stats and unlocking more features, like classes and pets.

Chore Wars :: Claim Experience Points for Housework

Recruit a party of adventurers from your household or office, and log your chores to claim experience points for them.

LifeRPG - Organize Your Life

Feel yourself a hero of role play game called Life. Add game elements to your life. Live, play, improve yourself, reach new heights and enjoy scheduling. Life RPG - excellent tool for planning and motivating. If you want to change yourself and begin new better more productive life - do it and this app will help you.

Level up Life - Gamify your life with real world achievements

Level up Life lets you track your daily achievements, big or small, in an online community gaining some motivation while progressing in a RPG-style platform. All the achievements are accomplishments you can do to improve yourself, your life, and the world around you. As you earn XP, you'll level up and unlock increasingly difficult achievements, providing new experiences and challenges.


Mindbloom is the fun, simple and effective way to improve the quality of your life.

Motivation RPG - Making you a better person

MotivationRPG is a game where your character, both inside and outside of the game, is progressed by you performing small physical activities. You get to chose which activities are presented to you, and how often.


This app is great a tracking one difficult goal, instead of being a to-do list for many tasks.

SuperBetter helps you achieve your health goals — or recover from an illness or injury — by increasing your personal resilience. From, "The service does give you quests to complete and rewards to achieve, but it also lets you put "bad guys" in your way, like bad habits, your own weaknesses, or anything that might hold you back."


EpicWin goes the extra mile in task management by bestowing you with an RPG character to represent your progress. The app presents your goals in list form. With each level up, the RPG character also improves his XP stats and can earn riches and morph into a stronger creature.

True Office

Mobile games that help companies reduce risk and save money. True Office games transform mandatory compliance training into a fun, intelligible and quantifiable experience.

Producteev by Jive

Producteev, by Jive, is the leading social task management solution for teams. It’s helped thousands of teams get work done faster and more effectively.
Available for


Play Fitocracy to beat challenges, push your boundaries, and show your friends who’s boss. Fitocracy connects you to the combined knowledge of over half a million of the world's best fitness coaches, nutrition experts, and other folks from a wide variety of fitness backgrounds.


Pomodorium is timeboxing and pomodoro technique game and timer.

Health Month

Health Month is a game to help improve your diet, fitness, mental health, relationship health, and financial health – while enjoying it! Health Month is about taking the SCIENCE of nutrition and behavior change and combining it with the SOCIAL GAMES of the recent social web to help people improve their health habits in a fun and sustainable way. If you can enjoy the process of living healthier, you're much more likely to stick to it.

To-do list and task manager. Free, easy, online and mobile: Todoist

Todoist gamifies your task-management activity with karma scores, expertise level, and Karma progress graph.


Duolingo is a free language-learning and crowdsourced text translation platform. It has a gamified skill tree that users can progress through.

Peer Appreciation Game for Employee Recognition & Rewards - DueProps

DueProps is a Peer Recognition Game for Workplaces. It uses genuine and spontaneous gratitude to spread appreciation and happiness. When people feel appreciated, they're happier, more engaged and more productive.




Nike+ makes every run, every workout, every move count. This app motivates you during your runs by letting you set PowerSongs to boost you through to the finish line. You can also use the app to post a status on your Facebook wall and hear mid-run cheers in your earphones every time one of your friends likes or comments on it.


RedCritter Tracker is a project management service with badges, rewards, leaderboards and real-time Twitter-style feeds. When a worker completes an important task, he or she earns a badge, which is displayed proudly on his or her online profile.

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