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Hajj Packages From UK

Al-Hidaayah was established 13 years ago with the aim of providing comfortable and reliable packages for Islamic journeys. The growth that we have seen during this time has proven that we are trusted among our clients in the UK who have availed our services. Since its launch, Al-Hidaayah has been providing the best packages for the holy journey of Hajj and Umrah.


Hajj and Umrah

Hajj and Umrah

Al-Hidaayah we have been organising Hajj and Umrah trips since the year 2000, and by the Grace of Allah, have established ourselves as a market leader in this relatively short time.

Getting On With the Holy Tour for Hajj &Umrah

There are lot of Hajj packages 2015 which are available but to get the best Hajj packages you need to search all the options that are available to you so that you end up having the best deal.

Best Hajj Packages from Leading Tour Operators

Thus, if you have been planning for a tour and looking for a hajj 2015 packages, then you have numerous options to look at. However, it is very important that you select the best travel agent for a hassle free tour

Planning a Hajj Tour- Choose Your Travel Package

People may choose the hajj packages 2015 according to their needs and budget. These tour providers offer packages that comes in all budget. The wealthy people may opt for an expensive package that consist of 5 star stay, business class flight and all the other services of finest class.

Hajj- A Ritual to Perform in a Lifetime

Compare all the packages in details and then sort out some cheap packages for you. When you are choosing hajj package 2015 travel in UK, then you need to remember that such packages compromises on the facilities given.

Recommendations on Clothing for Hajj

While you are on your way to Hajj, amid the most essential considerations before travelling to Mecca that needs to be made is the clothes that you should carry for a comfortable experience. In our earlier posts, we have talked about the best hajj packages that needs to be considered, the importance of hajj and other considerations while travelling to the holy place.

Get in Touch with UK Travel Agent to Perform Hajj

These travel operators understands different choices, tastes, likes and preferences of the clients. This has made it easy to make best summer hajj 2015 packages according to your time and budget.

Fulfill your Wish to Perform Hajj in The Most Comfortable Way

There are luxurious tour packages which are expensive as compared to affordable ones. In this package you will actually be pleased with the great services offered unlike the low cost package.This package will help you to have exclusivity of your stay while people will always be at your service every time. Other than economy and 5 star hajj packages, there are mid range packages also that you can choose according to your wish.


Best Hajj Packages from Leading Tour Operators

Best Hajj Packages from Leading Tour Operators

The 5 star Hajj packages are considered to be the best for the travelers because of the special facilities along with some amazing booking services.

Hajj Package|Hajj Packages

Luxury hajj packages are a great opportunity to have these during the recession time. Hajj happens during the last month of Islamic year and you will get different travel agencies which are advertising cheapest hajj package 2015 and making prior bookings.

Best hajj packages-AL-Hidaayah Travel

Initially, you will be confused on how to make arrangements and which travel agency offering best Hajj package 2015 should be chosen. Better you take advice from your friends or relatives or people who have gone there recently. There are some awesome hajj packages 2015 UK which will convince you and it will be a great experience for you and your family.

Hajj 2015

The best hajj packages offer wide range of options from economical packages to the highly expensive luxurious packages. The travel agencies also offer complete guidance in preparing the most necessity documents and also assist in giving all possible information required the individuals or the families.

Preparing For the Holy Journey Of Hajj

Most of the travel agencies offer hajj packages 2015 along with additional facilities and the services to the visitors who are planning to visit to Holy Hajj. There are various Taxes required to pay while making a visit to hajj 2015.

Hajj Packages Permits You to Concentrate on What Is necessary

With many Muslims aiming to carry out the Hajj at the exact same time, it would be simple to see why the need making this trip would trigger problems. No matter where you are taking a trip worldwide, an enhanced level of need can trigger issues however; this is where booking a hajj package 2015 can make all the distinction.

Vital Things one Should Think About While Picking Hajj Packages

Moving on to Hajj is an event of enormous spiritual significance to Muslims. Once in their lifetime, every Muslim needs to visit Hajj at least. This expedition to Mecca in Saudi Arabia happens in between 12th and 8th day of Dhu al Hijjah month of Islamic calendar. Hajj packages are provided by leading travel bureau across continents. Right here is a little guidance for you to find out the best hajj 2015 packages.

Hajj Packages 2015 UK

Hajj tours that provide free shuttle bus service from Mina to Haram can assist you conserve cash. Taxi fares enhance significantly throughout Mina days. Drawn by the revenues, a number of individuals originated from other cities to work as cabby and might even get lost while attempting to drive pilgrims to Haram.

Best Hajj Packages

Are you intending on visiting the Hajj benefit from vip hajj package or Umrah package to ensure you get where you have to be. Use Air travels to Jeddah for the most vital part of the year to see the Hajj.These are pointers on the best ways to find the best hajj packages. Prior to you, choose a provided package you must compare numerous of them. You ought to likewise consult from individuals who have taken the trip prior to. Bear in mind to put your trust in Allah.

Picking Up The Best Hajj Packages by AL-Hidaayah Travel

It does not matter which nation you originate from, it is possible to find Luxury hajj packages from anywhere on the world. If you are to have an unproblematic and effective Hajj trip, the trip operator whose packages you choose to go with is extremely vital.

Best Hajj Packages by AL-Hidaayah Travel

If you have booked the pilgrim with one of the above mentioned or a recognised, they have an office in Saudi Arabia. This will help you streamline your custom process in Jeddah.(which if booked personally might take you close to 10-20 hours). They will have their coaches and you will not have to wait for public transport. The best thing your travel agent does is, it books group and has travel guides.

Hajj Packages 2015 UK | Best Hajj Packages

Hajj 2015

Taking Hajj package 2015 is always better than booking it yourself. If you do the bookings on your own you need to start a year in advance. It might happen that you miss out on some important legal things and end up getting rejected. Hence, it is always better to book yourself a package tour.

Hajj 2015 | Hajj 2015 Packages UK

Hajj 2015 Packages-AL-Hidaayah Travel

When you are thinking to go for Umrah or Hajj 2015 then a bit of planning and research should be done well in advance. It is a very long trip and so, in case you are working then will have to plan vacations, inform concerned people in advance. There are ranges of packages available for Umrah and Hajj.

hajj 2015 | hajj packages 2015 uk

Hajj Packages 2015 by AL-Hidaayah Travel

If you have planned to visit Hajj this year and searching for some important information before choosing Hajj package, here are a few things which you must check before choosing the best Hajj package. You need to know about the hotel location where you are going to stay during your visit.

hajj packages 2015 UK | best hajj packages

Enjoy Hassle Free Journey to Hajj

Every Muslim wants to visit Hajj and Umrah atleast once in this lifetime. This is mandatory for every Muslim when he/she is capable to afford Hajj physically, mentally and financially. Umrah is not compulsory for every Muslim; people who want mental piece can go to Umrah. When you are thinking to go for Umrah or Hajj 2015 then a bit of planning and research should be done well in advance.