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Updated by John Lemke on Feb 18, 2014
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Projects - MAKE style

Kitchen Pantry Computer (Hidden)

So the materials for this is a guideline, mostly because I used a lot of stuff on hand. I like to call myself a precision pack rat, I only throw stuff out I know I won't use (or at least that's what I tell myself) So first we need a door, I originally was going to alter an existing door but scrapped that idea and found making one allowed me to have more freedom with placing parts.

Make an Intercom from Two Corded Phones

Most of us probably have an old set of corded phones sitting in a box on a shelf somewhere. Even if you don't, you can find them super cheap. This fun little project, which is great for doing with kids, turns a pair of those corded phones into a DIY intercom.

Notifying Doorbell with PushingBox

This project will help you to hack your doorbell to send Push notification and an email with an attached picture when somebody's at the door. It use the free PushingBox service to delegate all the ...

The Beginning of a DIY Vehicle Night Vision System

Stephen] has just shared with us the current progress of his night vision vehicle system, and it's looking quite promising! The idea of the project is to provide the driver with a high contrast image of the road, pedestrians and any other obstacles that may not be immediately visible with he...

Build An Open-Source Electric Car In One Hour, For $4,000: Video

If none of the electric cars currently on the market suit your tastes--or wallet--why not just build one? That's now possible thanks to the OSVehicle Tabby, although it's only a "car" in the most basic sense. It's really just four wheels, two seats, and a steering wheel mounted to a bare chassis...

Meet 'Raspberri', Your Personal Voice Controlled Assistant

We've all seen the old movie scene where the executive calls his assistant on the intercom for some task or other. [Jan] may not be an executive, and he may not have an assistant. He does have Raspberri, his voice controlled personal digital assistant. Raspberri started life as a vintage Televox intercom box.

Building A Tape Recorder In 1949

After telling a few stories about how he built a tape recorder as a 16-year-old boy in post-war Germany, [Hans] was finally cajoled into retelling this story in a proper form, giving the Internet one more example of how clever old-school tinkerers could be.

Make Your Own Smart Watch

Wearables are all the rage lately. Have you been eyeing the Pebble or one of the new smart watches lately but are not sure if it's for you? With [GodsTale's] "Retro Watch" you can now build your own, allowing you to try out a smart watch without making a huge investment.