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Link Roundup 1/31

The Curious Case of the Street Beggar and the Grant Proposal

At last, the three pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly! We just had to see the logic of it all. Intrepid fundraiser Patsian Low connects the dots and unravels the mystery of effective giving... Several months ago, over a sink full of dirty dishes, I argued with my husband about rationalising charitable giving.

Kellogg Foundation Commits $40 Million To Detroit Effort

The NonProfit Times - January 29, 2014 The W.K. Kellogg Foundation has joined a group of nearly a dozen foundations that has committed funding to help Detroit's financial woes.

18 Ways to Improve Your Facebook News Feed Performance

Are you frustrated with Facebook's frequent changes to the news feed algorithm? Do you feel like you're being forced to buy ads to reach your audience? While Facebook change is the rule rather than the exception, this article gives you 18 ways you can improve your Facebook news feed performance -and gain the upper hand.

B Corp Anthem - B The Change

B Corps are leading a global movement of people using business as force for good.

eLibrary Myanmar - exciting new EIFL project to increase access to knowledge

Access to knowledge in Myanmar will take a big leap forward from January 2014 as a result of an important new project, eLibrary Myanmar, which will be coordinated by EIFL "For the first time, academics and students will gain online access to a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary collection of scholarly resources.

Acumen's latest investment in coffee, women, and Rwanda

Acumen, a nonprofit impact investing firm channeling donations to social enterprises in South Asia and Africa, has made a $1.2 million convertible debt investment to KZ Noir, a Rwanda-based coffee processing company owned by Kaizen Venture Partners. This adds to the $1.5 million mezzanine debt facility made by Grassroots Business Fund, similarly an impact investing firm for emerging markets.

Radio, mobile phones could boost African farm yields

ADDIS ABABA] Radio and mobile phone systems are vital and sustainable solutions that can help improve agricultural production in Africa if managed well on a large scale. The revelations were made by experts at the 2013 euroafrica-ict conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, last week (3 December).The experts noted that integrating the right applications of information and communication technology (ICT) in agricultural activities can help increase sustainable food production.

Engaging Underserved Consumers Through Community Groups

Eight community group-business partnership models for reaching underserved consumers. For banks, supermarkets, health service providers, and other retailers, penetrating low-to-moderate-income markets increasingly depends on "beyond the branch" activities: enlisting local nonprofits and informal associations as marketing and distribution channels, customer support systems, or customer referral pipelines.

14 Inbound Marketing Myths Nonprofits Should Stop Believing

Thinking about the future is something nonprofit marketers constantly do. From contemplating how to better engage Millennials, to seeking out new foundations as granters, there are seemingly countless things on the minds of these marketing pros. One thing we know these marketers often ponder -- but many neglect to act on -- is adopting inbound marketing solutions for their organizations ...

Weekly roundup: Social Enterprise Network: 31 January 2014

The latest weekly news, analysis and advice from the sector, including the role of women in social enterprise Hello, good afternoon and welcome to the Guardian Social Enterprise Network's weekly wrapup. Our space to tell you the latest news, advice and analysis from the sector.

Co-op Bank crisis: what next for the co-operative sector?

Co-operative activists met last Friday in Manchester to put the world right, or at least the part of it which concerns the Co-operative Group and the now ex-co-operative Co-operative Bank. The event could almost have been back in the 19th century, one of those assemblies where co-op pioneers energetically debated how their movement could progress.

You Know Malala. Now, Meet Shiza.

Image credit: Shiza Shahid. Malala Yousafzai is a living legend. That a 15-year-old girl would be targeted and shot by the Taliban, live to tell the tale and then continue to fight for the education of women in Pakistan is the kind of story that cuts through cultural and geographic boundaries.

Super Bowl Pre-Game: 5 Funny Commercials for Social Good

As the Seattle Seahawks take on the Denver Broncos this Sunday for Super Bowl XLVIII, millions of Americans will be joining in for a little football, obscene amounts of cheese dip and beer, half-time show wardrobe malfunctions, and of course, the commercials.

Announcing a New Investment: KZ Noir

Acumen has made a $1.2M convertible debt investment in KZ Noir, a Rwanda based speciality coffee producer and subsidiary of Kaizen Venture Partners. This represents Acumen's initial investment in Rwanda and first in the coffee sector, a key contributor to the Rwandan economy and an important source of employment.

5 Relationship Building Hacks for Nonprofit Professionals

Building relationships with other organizations, media outlets, and individuals can provide limitless opportunities for your nonprofit to grow and thrive. A far-reaching professional networks allows you to: Partner with other nonprofits Find quality vendors for events Recruit volunteers and donors Attract new board members Make a name for yourself in the community You don't have to be a total extrovert to be a good networker.

The Global Information Internship Program

The Global Information Internship Program (GIIP, pronounced "jeep") is a fabulous program at UCSC, which allows undergraduates to fund and work on projects they are passionate about in the areas of global social justice and sustainability. This video helps to explain more about GIIP, so students can find out how to get more involved.

How to Convince Your Boss to Invest in Social Media Marketing

This post originally appeared on Inbound Insiders, a new section of Inbound Hub. To read more content like this, subscribe to the Inbound Insiders section. Picture this: You're sitting in front of your boss, eager to pitch your idea of using social media to engage prospects and market your brand.