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Getting Things Done - GTD

8 Time Management Techniques for Successful Writers

Time management is absolutely critical to achieving success in freelance writing and in the rest of your life. Time is the great equalizer: we all have 24 hours in a day. The big question-what do we do with our time?

Peter D. Mallett

Is organization the enemy of creativity? Is it true that analytical people excel at order and creative people don't? Maybe; but there are several important reasons why you might need to learn some techniques for "getting it together" and even remembering where you put "it" afterwards. 1.

Peter D. Mallett

"Where did I put that editor's phone number?" Most creative types have some difficulty with organization. I'm no exception. Everyone misplaces their keys, but we seem to have a more difficult time with order. Surprisingly, we can be good at rearranging words, but poor at keeping track in other areas.

Peter D. Mallett

I won't make the case for being over-the-top organized. I'm not, and I don't think that I should change to be so. Trying would likely stress me out as much as my "mess" would stress out the person who is meticulously organized. However, I've talked to several writers, artists and creative people who want to improve...