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Captive Cetaceans

A collection of articles regarding the captivity of cetaceans.

John Nightingale compares owning whales to producing pickup trucks

The Vancouver Aquarium CEO has spearheaded the initiative to raise the $100 million needed to complete what will be a seven-year, multi-phase overhaul of the facility Mission: To expand the Vancouver Aquarium substantially over the next seven years Assets: Twenty years' experience as aquarium boss, a PhD and natural smarts Yield: A quadrupling of aquarium revenue during the past two decades John Nightingale stands on a ledge above what was once the Vancouver Aquarium's killer-whale pool.

Vancouver Aquarium boss not worried about The Cove

The president of the Vancouver Aquarium says he's not worried that a soon-to-be-released documentary about dolphins will undermine public support for his facility. In a phone interview with the Straight, John Nightingale said the makers of want to end the Japanese "drive fishery" in the town of Taiji.

When Killer Whales Kill: Why the movie "Blackfish" Should Sink Captive Whale Programs

Remember Tilikum, the orca that was shipped from Victoria's Sealand to Orlando's SeaWorld after the death of a trainer? "Blackfish" shows us that wasn't the last tragedy associated with this killer whale. I watched the whole movie with a big stupid grin on my face, because I know this whale tale all too well, and there it was unfolding beautifully for public consumption on the big screen.

Small Dolphin Tank "The Fish Bowl" at Taiji Whale Musuem

The "small tank" at the Taiji Whale Museum may be the most horrible place on the planet for a dolphin. These dolphins only have a few feet of water to float in (they can't swim, the tank isn't really big enough).

Niagara Center for Animal Rights Awareness

"No aquarium, no tank in a marineland, however spacious it may be, can begin to duplicate the conditions of the sea. And no dolphin who inhabits one of those aquariums or one of those marinelands can be considered normal." - Jacques Cousteau

Aquariums | Liberation BC

The Issues Abnormal behaviour and early deaths Wild-caught animals Performing dolphins and whales Are aquariums educational? Conservation and researc...

The Great White Whale Fight

For two decades, the U.S. hasn't imported wild-caught whales or dolphins. Now the Georgia Aquarium wants to bring in 18 belugas from Russia.

The Marine Connection - Caring for Dolphins and Whales

The UK - A "captive dolphin & whale-free" Zone Since the early 1990's there have been no captive dolphins or whales on display in the UK, following the closure of the last remaining facilities; Marineland (Morecambe), Brighton Dolphinarium, Windsor Safari Park and Flamingoland (Malton). So why did this happen?

Illusions Of Captivity: The Unseen Dolphin Show [Not Graphic]

This video is dedicated to the dolphins and whales devastated by the massacres in Taiji, Japan -- whether murdered outright, or condemned to miserable, drastically-shortened Lives as captives, imprisoned in aquaria: Bottlenose Dolphins, Pilot Whales, Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, Risso's Dolphins; Pantropical Spotted Dolphins, Striped dolphins and others.

Germany's Largest Tour Operator Drops Dolphin Shows From Itinerary

Amid mounting debate over the use of orcas and dolphins in captivity, at least one major travel provider has scrubbed them from the itinerary.The German division of Touristik Union International (TUI), one of the world's largest tour operating companies, has announced that it will no longer offer tr...

Vancouver Aquarium bucks national trend by keeping whales and dolphins

"The aquarium was full of people," she said. "Children were screaming and banging on the windows of the underwater viewing gallery. And when this little one died and sank to the bottom, there was a collective gasp." For hours, Sorg said, she watched the mother, Bjossa, attempt to raise her calf's lifeless body from the floor of their tank.