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Bobcat Blog List for iPad Learning Revolution

A short showcase of iLessons from Bridge Point Elementary for the iPad Learning Revolution, 2014

Jingle Bells Live!

Ms. Steimle and Ms. DeLuca's class had great fun learning from their new Haitian friends in Neply again today. Over Skype, BP students and students in Neply shared their holiday traditions and...

Book Study-Fourth Grade

The students in Ms. Rollin's 4th grade are studying the novel, Frindle. In this book, a boy name Nick challenges his no-nonsense, dictionary-loving teacher to an all out war on words. After reading the book, they used the Socrative student app to take an online assessment that was created by their teacher.

Scribble Press All About Me Project

Ms. Iles' first grade class worked really hard to create their own Scribble Press books about themselves for Open House. Using the Scribble Press app, each student used the All About Me template to create a story about themselves. I stopped into Ms. Iles' room while they were working and was very impressed by these first graders!

Learning in Motion

Inspired by an idea from Flapjack Education, students in Ms. Iles' room really kept learning in motion today. Using QR codes and jumbo plastic eggs, students moved about the classroom reviewing their addition, subtraction, and money counting skills using their own iPads.

iNVOLVE Me and iLearn

Inspired by Ms. Iles' QR hunt and Ewan McIntosh 's Google Vs Non-Googleable lesson style that encourages kids to construct their own knowledge to make learning "stick", Ms. Cimino created a lesson...

If You Give an 8th Grader an iPad...

She's going to want to COLLABORATE! Inspired by delightful children's books like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and Green Eggs and Ham, 8th graders in Ms. Fiske's American History class spun creative tales starring historical events they had studied throughout the school year. But they craved something more for their stories.

Rockin' Out with Contour Lines

Trailers are great ways to get audiences excited about upcoming events, movies and books, but how about creating hype for your lesson?! Ms. Lee, one of BPE's awesome art teachers decided to do just...

Non-Fiction Detectives

Often students struggle with comprehending nonfiction text and read it like they would fiction. In this lesson, Ms. McLaughlin, our Instructional Partner extraordinaire, turned Ms. Cimino's third...

Learning Outside of the Textbook

4th grade bloggers Justin and Jack write about FaceTime with Jordan Allen, author of a short story personal narrative, that was read by the class prior to connecting over the web: We read a passage from one of Mr. Root's friends, Jordan Allen, the next day we had a FaceTime chat with him.

BPE ABC Genre Study

See our finished product with audio recordings It takes a village to write and publish a book, but we did it! It all started with a genre study of ABC books. Ms. Skonieczny's kindergartners learned that authors make lots of decisions when creating a book.

iReflect, uReflect, weReflect

Check out some of our reflections by clicking our "Thing Link"--a way to make pictures more interactive. As with any new implementation, vital to its success is the ability to reflect, adapt and grow. BPE teachers were recently provided that opportunity. They responded to questions and ideas on their iPads while enjoying a Hat Creek burger on Tuesday.

Super Readers

Super readers have Super Powers! First graders in Ms. Guthrie's class honed their Reading Super Powers in class today. Using Reading Street's leveled readers, iFiles , and the Explain...


Plagiarism is really bad, it can get the teachers really mad! Ms. Mojica's 5th grade language arts students are delving deep into the process creating a quality research paper which includes...

A Walk Through History

First graders in Ms. Tremel's class took a walk through history and emerged as published writers of their very own hardbound book all about famous citizens. Their beautiful book is a result of a biography genre study. Ms. Tremel's first grade class learned that biography books are nonfiction and have identifiable features.

Programs, Codes, and Loops, oh my!
This week, Bridge Pointers tall and small worked to challenge their minds to demystify the world of computer programming. Every Bridge Pointer had the chance to join the largest learning campaign in the history of the world to promote Computer Science Education.
Think Tank-A New Collaborative Space
Bridge Point transformed our old "Macbook" lab into a new collaborative learning, teaching and meeting place. BPE staff voted to have it called the Think Tank . With the idea of movement, learning...
Extreme Makeover-Classroom Edition
On Monday, November 4th, BPE hosted Dr. Dieter Breithecker, an authority on ergonomics for children from the Federal Institute on the Development of Posture and Exercise in Wiesbaden, Germany. Dr. Breithecker spoke to teachers, parents, and community members about his research on movement and brain activity.
New Faces, Places and Spaces
Bridge Point is really jazzing up the new school year with a few new faces, places and spaces. What's new? Well, for one, we have a few new staff and tons of new students who are anticipating a fantastic start of the 2013-14 school year at Bridge Point. What else?
Getting Skitchy with It
Ms. Plevich really makes science come a live in her classroom. From taking care of class pets to dissecting bones, her students learn in active and meaningful ways. Students use iPads to reinforce...