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It came from the Internet

Drew Curtis'

Satirical views on interesting, bizarre and amusing stories, submitted by a community of millions of news junkies, with regular Photoshop contests.

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"In November 2012, a group of Japanese scientists discovered that the concentration of carbon-14 in Japanese cedar trees suddenly rose between 774 AD and 775 AD. Others have since found similar evidence and narrowed the date to 773 AD. Astronomers think this stuff must have come from space so now the quest is on to find the extraterrestrial culprit.

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Police say Hoffman, 46, was found dead with a needle in his arm. Hoffman's struggles with substance abuse have been well documented, and he had told 60 Minutes in 2006 that he was grateful to have gotten sober before getting famous. The Dove Sketches Beauty Scam "Dude, are you doing the Dove ad now?


B3ta will eat your soul and destroy your will to live. Funny pictures, cartoons, games, quizzes, links, and a weekly newsletter.

Super Punch

A third of the mansions on the most expensive stretch of London's "Billionaires Row" are standing empty, including several huge houses that have fallen into ruin after standing almost completely vacant for a quarter of a century. ...

Cynical-C |

In how many languages do you know how to say no? Just when some people have gotten used to the idea that a high-end haircut might cost hundreds of dollars, elite stylists are raising their prices to $1,000 and beyond.

Nothing To Do With Arbroath

The initial suspicion was that a homeless person stayed in Clovis-Carver Public Library, New Mexico, past closing time and triggered the alarm system's motion detector. It happened the next few nights too. But then a custodian reported seeing a cat.


The editors of 3QD put in hundreds of hours of effort each month into finding the daily links and poem, putting out the Monday Magazine, administering the Quark Prizes (which will return soon), arranging the DAG-3QD Peace and Justice Symposia, and doing the massive amount of behind-the-scenes work which goes into running the site.