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Updated by Masih Yeganeh on Mar 08, 2013
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Bucket List

It's my wishes. but not a TODO list. it's just fun to have them. Maybe I complete it in future and maybe not!

Laugh until I cry

I think "Dooshvari" can make this happen ;)

Smoke a cigarette when I'm alone and broken

It's actually not good for my health. but I won't die by only ONE cigarette when I'm depressed

Tell her that I love her

It won't make any difference, but I think it would be good if she knows that there is someone who loves her, but never told her.

Have a two-meter-long ice cream

I'll try to have it all without dropping it :D

Have a good work with good co-workers

I want to work in a small programming company with some good people who won't cheat each other for a little more money!

Tell everyone that they are wrong

Everyone is wrong, even me. but I am less wrong that the others. I can prove it. specially about religion and believes.

Going to a one-week-long trip on foot

Alone or with a real good friend. without car, bike or any vehicle. (public transportation vehicles are excepted!)

Tweet in really irrelevant situations

Maybe in my wedding, or when I'm trapped in a cave or something, or a few seconds before I die!

My headphone cord never gets tangled up

I'm 99% positive headphone cords come alive when you're not looking and play twister with themselves. I want to wake up in a morning and see that they are not twisted!

Spend a whole day in university, alone

It's fun if I sleep in one of my classes and wake up when university is closed. then I can listen music all day long and sing with it while I'm walking in empty class rooms.

Have both Alan Wake DLCs

I really like to play "The Signal" and "The Writer" DLCs (DownLoadable Contents) of the game Alan Wake. Maybe someone buy those for me for my birthday!