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Top Education Posts of January 2014

A look at the top posts on Education from Edublogs in January 2014.

Quote Of The Day: "Does it take more strength to restrain yourself or does it take more strength to fight back?"

Public Radio International just aired an interview with the first Hmong-American judge in U.S. history. They titled it First Days: The first Hmong American judge didn't always acknowledge his roots. Here's an excerpt when he's talking about being ridiculed by classmates: This is a particularly useful article and quote for our school, since our student population is about one-third Hmong.

New US Dept. of Ed Finds That "Less Effective Teaching" Responsible For 2-4 Percent Of Achievement Gap

Thanks to a tweet from Scott McLeod, I just learned about a new study from The Department of Education titled Do Disadvantaged Students Get Less Effective Teaching? Yes, it's a study based on the discredited science of Value-Added Measurement.

" The Giant Storymaker - Ideas for a Hundred Million Stories TEFL Matters

Storytelling is one of the most important acts of communication. Every day, in our contacts with friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances we share stories, anecdotes - things that happened to use, stories we read about in the news, on social media, stories we heard through others.

The Wejr Board

There is often much discussion around the separation of our professional and personal lives on social media. Some districts strongly encourage this separation while others encourage the blending of both. I have been a supporter of the latter as I believe that if we share who we are online we develop better relationships with others.

The Spartan Skinny " Blog Archive " SLJH Winter Spirit Days

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FBLA-PBL sets aside the second full week of February, each year, as National FBLA-PBL Week. Chapters are encouraged to use this time to publicize their activities and successes, boost their membership, and gear up for their spring activities. Each day has a special focus to help you get your members excited to participate, nationally, during FBLA-PBL Week!

Read For My School - National Reading Competition

Have you registered for this event yet, UK schools? If not, why not - it is a free event sponsored by publishers. Great for boosting your school library as well - and partnership opportunities with your feeder primaries. Prizes available too - what's not to like?

Ms. Ullrich's Classroom

In Marvell's time there is no Internet, no phone, no TV, no airplanes, and not even radio. If these technologies were available to Marvell, how might the first stanza of the poem be different? Considering the huge technology gap between ourselves and Marvell, does the first stanza (which deals with, among other things, long-distance communication) still speak to us meaningfully?

American Studies Left

Amstudians, We went over a LOT of new information today; here it is more briefly. 1. Exemptions: Don't want to take your AMSTUD exam at the end of the year? Make sure you can answer "yes" on this flowchart ( PWSH Exemption Policy Flow Chart) and you won't have to.

Dropping of the Atomic Bombs

Dropping of the Atomic Bombs Whether the United States should or should not have dropped the atomic bombs is a highly debated subject. We are going to debate this through our blog site. Remember to use sign on names that we can recognize.

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