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Top 10 Audio Jobs

Want to know more about the top audio jobs on the market? Audio jobs are a fabulous way for music lovers to get involved in the industry that they love so much. But what audio jobs are available, and what do people in these fields do? Read on to learn more about the top 10 audio jobs.

Music Therapist

Music therapists use music, instruments and specific beats to help their patients. Music is a great form of expression and can be helpful to many patients undergoing therapy. These professionals work in a variety of environments including rehabilitation centers, hospitals, schools, alcohol recovery programs and correctional facilities.

Music Teacher

Music teachers instruct others about music through playing instruments and sharing musical knowledge. These professionals may offer lessons for specific instruments, too.


A promoter gets the word out about events, entertainers, bands and the like. As a professional promoter, one is expected to handle some PR, advertise shows, set and negotiate ticket prices, negotiate pay and promote the artist.




An A&R rep is a talent scout for record labels. In this job, one usually listens to music at auditions, clubs, bars, or at other entertainment venues. He or she assesses the potential of artists and tries to sign them. The A&R rep offers potential entertainers a shot with a record company.

Music Journalist

Music journalists rub elbows with big names without actually having to entertain. They may be expected to interview entertainers and critique music. Although music journalists are treated nicely because of their job, they must still be able to work against tight deadlines.

Studio Musician

Studio musicians are usually gifted musicians. These professionals appear on tracks of nearly all artists who need professional background vocal and instrumental performances.

Sound Engineer

A sound engineer uses his or her skills and knowledge in recording technology as well as music to create the final mix of songs as they will be presented on an album, on the radio, or both.

Music Manager

A music manager or talent manager, much like a promoter, handles the business of helping artists promote themselves, keep up their branding, develop their images, and more.

Radio PR

Radio PR professionals, or radio pluggers, do the same thing that other promoters do, but work directly with radio stations instead of with venues. They make sure an artists’ record is featured on the radio.




Disc jockeys (DJs) play music on the radio for an audience. They may host specials, conduct interviews, and/or provide commentary and news.