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Link Roundup 1/27

Giving in the Midst of a Polarized Economy

This is the second of a series of trend reports NPQ will be printing in January 2014. This particular piece looks at trends in philanthropic practice as we traced them through our newswires and features.

3 ways nonprofits should take advantage of video marketing

Have some fun! "Follow the Frog" by the Rainforest Alliance. Guest post by Teddy Hunt Creating video content is one of the easiest ways a nonprofit organization can get noticed. . Eighty-five percent of internet users say they'll watch videos online, and 39 percent say they're more likely to share videos than text-based content with their friends.

Five Ideas for Leaders in 2014

As the visions of sugar plums and the joys of Christmas 2013 dissipate and celebrations of the New Year come into focus there's a swell of stories about the "best of" 2013-blogs, wines, photos, events, books, most delicious stuffed olives-okay I made that one up-but you get my drift.

Weekly roundup: Social Enterprise Network: 24 January 2014

The latest weekly news, analysis and advice from the sector, including the role of women in social enterprise Hello, good afternoon and welcome to the Guardian Social Enterprise Network's weekly wrapup. Our space to tell you the latest news, advice and analysis from the sector.

Engaging Millennial Employees: Recruit and Retain Top Talent with Cause

Members of this generation believed they could be the president, astronauts, doctors, and even YouTube stars. They have grown up with incredibly individualized, hyperpersonalized experiences, which ultimately means they're interested in niche subjects. Enter charity. Each Millennial-and this is also true of the general population-has an affinity for one cause or another.

Social enterprise stories from Urban Kenya - in pictures

The Gobee Group, a social innovation and design group, uses systematic approaches to innovation to tackle complex problems in the social impact space. In this gallery, Gobee sought the most creative, socially-minded organisations across all sectors in Kenya and instead found four of the biggest game-changers anywhere in the world.

Social Entrepreneurship Tackles Poverty in Philippines

In a bid to help his fellow citizens in the Philippines fight the poverty that many of them live with every day, economist Antonio Meloto is using the social entrepreneurship model to teach them how to be job generators and wealth creators.

The Global Information Internship Program

The Global Information Internship Program (GIIP, pronounced "jeep") is a fabulous program at UCSC, which allows undergraduates to fund and work on projects they are passionate about in the areas of global social justice and sustainability. This video helps to explain more about GIIP, so students can find out how to get more involved.

6 Random Social Media Tips to Help You Improve Your Marketing Today

When it comes to helping you out with Social Media, we often like to categorize things. For example, we'd write about the optimal timing of your posts, or how to come up with the best headlines, and the like. What happened over the last few weeks though is that we collected a number of awesome [...]

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The challenges of setting up a social investment fund

Today Nesta launch their first impact investment funds. Its director of impact investments outlines the challenges they faced Guardian Professional, It's been a tough but rewarding year for me and the team at Nesta Impact Investments.

Mobile Matters: The Impact of Mobile Technology on Peer-to-Peer Fundraising | NTEN

If you're one of the 84% of people worldwide who claim they "couldn't go a day" without a mobile phone in hand ... You are not alone! We've never been more passionate users of mobile devices than we are right now.

The Non-Profit Marketing Blog

Thu, January 23 2014 Director of Content Strategy, Network for Good Filed under: Branding * Marketing essentials * It's probably no surprise that our brains process visual information faster than text. Still, how quickly this takes place is mind boggling. Recent research has found that the human brain can process an image seen for just 13 milliseconds .

New Ways to Evaluate Impact

Human-centered design and systems thinking can help evaluate social impact in a global context. January 12 marked the fourth anniversary of Haiti's catastrophic 2010 earthquake, and since the disaster, international aid and recovery programs have met with vastly mixed-and largely unknown-results.

Practical Visionary: Dorothy Everett video

The woman behind the newly endowed Dorothy E. Everett Chair for Global Information and Social Entrepreneurship and manger of the Everett Program, previously GIIP, at University of California at Santa Cruz. Directed, Produced, Edited by Sienna Thorgusen and Katie Roper

9 Ways Social Media Marketing Will Change in 2014

From the decline of Facebook use among teens to Twitter's IPO, if there is one thing we know for sure about social media, it's that few trends hold on for long - so marketers need to stay on their toes.

Serious About Online Fundraising? Get Your Copy of the Online Fundraising Report Card | NTEN

Wouldn't it be great if someone looked at the end-to-end donor experience of over 150 charities and analyzed the results? That's exactly what Dunham+Company and Next After did in a new report called the Online Fundraising Scorecard. This is a much more in-depth review of what nonprofits are doing than the two previous reports by the Nielsen Norman Group.

Coming Full Circle: The War on Poverty's Invaluable Contribution to Today's Nonprofit Sector

On the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon Johnson's proclamation of a national War on Poverty, Nonprofit Quarterly listens to nonprofit leaders who grew up benefitting from anti-poverty programs and cut their teeth in War on Poverty initiatives.

How To Teach Your Child To Be An Entrepreneur

Submitted by: Tsega Belachew on 01/24/14 Editor's Note: This article first appeared in Forbes and was written by Laura White (@Laura_White), who manages Ashoka's Changemaker Schools Network, a group of schools that have given empathy as much priority as math and literacy. Laura is passionate about changemaker education, empathy, and transforming early childhood education.