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Writing Resources

Links that are beneficial to writers.

A quick and easy to follow guide to help writers create their first website or blog and start making money with their writing.

Punctuation Check

Punctuation Check is an amazing tool that professionally proofreads your text almost instantly. It finds all grammar and punctuation mistakes as well as typos. It is easy to use it; all you need to do is copy and paste you want to correct and click on a button. Try it now; you won't be disappointed!

The Complete Guide To Ghostwriting

You have a book in you that you need to write, but you haven’t done it, and you probably aren’t ever going to do it yourself. So what now?

35 Synonyms for Rain and Snow

A rich variety of words and phrases are available to describe an array of wet weather conditions. Here are nearly three dozen terms for rain and snow events and

8 Most Popular Writing Books with Our Readers

From time to time, we recommend writing books, and we find that some are popular with our readers. Following are the most popular how-to-write books purchased by our readers in the last six months on Amazon, the first half of 2015*.

How To Promote Your Blog With Content That Will Grow Your Traffic, Links, and Shares : @ProBlogger

This is a contribution from Gary Dek from Starting a blog is easy. Step-by-step tutorials to creating a blog ...

7 Ways To Keep Writing When You Feel Like Giving Up | Write to Done

Here are 7 ways that will show you how to keep writing, even when you feel like giving up. Drop procrastination, finish your project, and get it out there!

18 Common Words That You Should Replace in Your Writing

It’s a familiar scene: you’re slumped over your keyboard or notebook, obsessing over your character. While we tend to agonize over everything from structure to backstory, it’s important to weigh ho...

Why Hating Your Day Job Won't Make You a Successful Freelance Writer

Hate your day job and want to escape and be a freelance writer? Warning: freelancing is completely different from warming a chair in an office.

Why So Many Projects Go Unfinished, and How to Finish Them

Want to finish more projects that matter? Here's a simple way to do just that.

How to Defeat Writer's Block | Writing Forward

What is writer's block and how can we overcome it? Let's look at what causes writer's block and explore ways to make it go away!

153 Places Where The Good Paying Freelance Writing Clients Are (Plus 7 Ways to Find More)

For the last 2 weeks, I had you digging deep and getting clear on what, or rather, where you want your freelance writing business to go. Because having this filtering system in place will help you move towards your freelancing goals faster. But by now you're probably itching to know where you can find better paying clients.

Want to Write Better Dialogue? Break the Rules

Want to write good dialogue? Then you’ve got to break the rules. Why? Because there are rules for dialogue that trump grammatical dogma.

Get Published: We Help With Publishing A Novel, Story, Poem, Book

Get published! We help writers with publishing a novel, poems, short stories, essays, books. We help you submit to literary agents and literary journals.

5 Books Freelancers Should Read Now

Even if you have a favorite freelancing trade journal you faithfully read — in print or electronically — click for a few recent books you may wish to devour.

9 Things I Did To Become A Full-Time Writer

Three years ago, I was like many of you. I had an idea for a book and that was it, but I wanted to become a full-time writer.

140 Websites That Pay Writers in 2014

Having a hard time finding websites that pay you for writing blog posts or articles? Here's my list of over 100 paying sites.

The Secret to Writing Well Isn’t What You’d Expect, Says Study

A recent study found full-time writers think about stories differently than everyone else. Could you train your brain to think this way?

3 Strategies to Stand Out From the Content Creation Crowd

This article should give you some ideas.

The Four Characteristics of Author Attitude and Why You Need Them

Today's guest, Nina Amir, author of How to Blog a Book and The Author Training Manual, transforms writers into inspired, successful authors, authorpreneurs and blogpreneurs. Known as the “Inspirati...

3 Big Reasons Your Freelance Writing Dreams Go Nowhere

Are you freelance writing dreams stalled? Here are three important reasons that might be -- and my tips on how to get going.

13 Ways How Writers Can Survive The Dreaded Waiting Stage | Positive Writer

The writer’s journey is not a quick one. It’s tempting to try and find a short cut, but we have to remember that waiting is part of every writer’s career...