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Updated by JC Little on Jan 26, 2014
Headline for "The LAST Snowman" virtual book tour hosts!
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"The LAST Snowman" virtual book tour hosts!

These fabulous bloggers are participating in "The LAST Snowman" virtual book tour. Totally EPIC.

Resplendent by Design

I have been a huge fangirl of Jc Little from the moment I met her online. She has creative talent oozing out of every pore into every project she creates, and especially onto the pages of her wonderful blog The Animated Woman. But wait, there's more!

Mundane Magic " Amid the daily madness there are moments that make it all worthwhile.

THROUGH SICKNESS AND HEALTH? We've been huddled together for the holidays. Long before the 'polar vortex' became a common phrase, our days were filled with fevers and coughs. In a household of five, four fell hard. It started with the youngest and then took it's toll on each of us.

Life with Roozle

Two Moms. One Roozle. Life rules.

The Guavalicious Life

The average six year old asks why 122 times a day. (Is that all? My kids are positively advanced then!) The Why book gives you at least one day off, addressing more than 200 questions. With colorful photos and vibrant illustrations, X-Why-Z delivers age-appropriate answers to questions ranging from "Why do I sneeze?"

The Angel Forever |

I sat with tissues each and every week seeing bits and pieces of Max in my son. Even more painful, I saw the frustrations of Adam and Kristina and their battles with the educational world, including IEPs.

Kat's Book Buzz

Ka'ts Book Buzz aims to connect readers with their next great read. Featuring book reviews, author interviews, cover reveals, giveaways, and more.

GingerSass - adding ginger to your sass

I ended up reading my letter at a sculpture dedication to the Tyler Clementi center. It was really meaningful to be able to read a letter to myself, as I had just found a letter from my 18 year old self that was sent to me from a seminar I took my first semester of college.

Jefferson Parish Parent

Carnival Season is finally here! YAY king cake! And Mardi Gras is just about 40 days away! We've complied a list of the parades happening in Jefferson Parish this year, including the little unknown neighborhood parades! Know about a parade we don't have listed, email us or comment below and we will add it to [...]

My Book Addiction

From romance to zombies and everything in between!

Pajamas & Coffee | Funny Shit From Around The Internet

Funny Shit From Around The Internet

Where's the f*#king mommy manual?!?

The ramblings, epiphanies and tantrums of a mom ... (by Where's the F#*king Mommy Manual?)


A blog about stay at home dads and parenting decisions

That's What She Said -

Sophie is five years old. Since a very young age, she has definitely proven to be my more "difficult" child. I encourage you to go read these three posts I've previously written to give you an idea of what we are dealing with.

SoCal Woman Humor Lifestyle Blog | Last Shreds Of Sanity | California Woman Blog | WordPress Blog Design | Humor | Po...

Humor | Sarcasm | Lifestyle | Politics | Current Events | WordPress-Blogger-Website Designs | Beauty Products | Kids

the (mis)adventures of mamakujo

Hi Everyone! I am in the process of revamping and redesigning my site! Thanks for bearing with me while I get myself figured out! Publisher's Synopsis: Meet Bingo, the greatest drug runner in the slums of Kibera, Nairobi, and maybe the world.

The Smartness

ain't nothin' but a nerd thing, baby

Modern Meets Traditional - Showhome Sunday

Its Show Home Sunday! Today's house in a model / floor plan called Hawthorne, built by Cardel Homes and in the community of Cranston, here in Calgary. I love that this house is a bit more...

Worlds Worst Moms - The Good, The Bad, and The Mommy

Okay, I'm going to allow myself to get all sorority-girl screamy for a minute because I got the BEST email this morning. Fadra Nally, who blogs at all.things.fadra, chose one of my posts for Blogmas 2013: My Top Favorite Posts. And just as icing, turns out my friend and drawing mentor, JC Little of The [...]

Dragondreamer's Lair

I have this bad habit (or maybe it's good) of getting bored cooking the old family favorites. That happened tonight. So, I went on a hunt. I needed something quick and delicious. It also needed to be filling because, God knows, it costs a small fortune to fill the black holes that live where my boys' stomachs are suppose to be.

A Day in the Life of Kat

I started writing this post a few days ago. Last night I was talking to my SIL, both of us all excited about having started the first session of our online course, when she brought up this very subject that I have been writing about here.

Don't Take the Repeats

Eight days in and I'm working hard on my resolutions. I've played piano, even gasp practiced, every day. And, of course, on the seventh day, a key broke. The A below Middle C. Number 37. One of my favorites. Sigh. Isn't that how this decade has been?

Frosted Fingers | Baking & Reviews | Chicago Mom Blogger

About a week before Christmas, 2012, Monkey started asking for a Fortune Cookie Maker for Christmas. At that point I was done and didn't want to get any more presents. I figured it wouldn't take long for her to forget about wanting that as a present anyway. Boy, was I wrong.

Good Day, Regular People

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