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Updated by Wilson Basquiat on Mar 04, 2018
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Best Metal Detector For The Money 2014

Here we listed the best metal detectors for the money. From lakes and beaches, coins and gold prospecting, deep seeking and relics hunting, or just beginning your metal detecting venture.

Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector

This detector is excellent for kids, The size is just right and it introduces them into the world of detecting. The detector is of good solid quality and is a little version of an entry level adult model.

Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector

FWe purchased the Gold Digger Metal Detector and accessories for our teenaged grandson for Christmas. He absolutely loves it and looks forward to warmer weather when he can really do a proper search! Very good quality and appears it will stand up to most any circumstance.

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

This was a present for someone, and so far they are very happy with it. After doing research, I decided on this one because it was in my price range

Bounty Hunter QD2GWP Quick Draw II Metal Detector with Pin Pointer and Carry Bag

The Quickdraw II is a great all-around metal detector. I mostly use it in the "All metal" mode but have also used it to notch out unwanted metals where it performs as advertised. I've dug up relics and coins, and the coin ID has been accurate 99 percent of the time.

Bounty Hunter HEAD-PL Metal Detector Headphones

I have only been metal detecting for a few months now, but with these new headphones I have found coins and rings on places I have already gone over. Check them out you'll love them.

Garrett Pro-Pointer

I love this metal detector. The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the high quality sheath. It is made out of a tough material, and the entire snap on belt strap has hook and loop, so it stays tight no matter how slim your belt is. The detector itself performs extremely well. The chirps increase as you get closer to the target. Makes finding those elusive dimes very easy.

Fisher F2 Metal Detector with Pinpointer

I was looking for my first metal detector, and didn't want to spend a fortune since I wasn't sure how much I was going to enjoy the hobby. Based on recommendations on a very popular metal detecting forum, I chose the Fisher F2. Although my experience is limited, I'm very happy with my choice. The Fisher F2 may not have all the bells, whistles, and performance of the high end detectors, but what it can do, it does wel


The first day of learning probably picked me up about ten bucks in change in about an hr at a local playground i hadn't been to. Not bad i thought. I went to the park i already hit with the bounty hunter and picked up some more change and a cheap silver ring. So bout 12 bucks in change and a silver ring

Metal Detecting Tips and Techniques

What is the best metal detector? The best metal detector is the one best suited for the job! If you are primarily metal detecting for coins, you should be looking for target ID and depth indication. If you are primarily metal detecting for relics, then you should be concerned about how well the detector will compensate for ground minerals.

A Guide to Metal Detecting for Beginners

Everyday people are outside walking, running, and generally enjoying being outdoors. While outdoors moving, many times people tend to lose coins, keys and other objects and are not recovered. In fact, there is a vast array of items that are just waiting to be found. And, the way to find them is through metal detecting.

Beginner Metal Detecting Tips

So... you just bought your first metal detector and you're looking for any help you can find. You came to the right place! First, we would suggest that you join a metal detecting or treasure hunting club. You will learn a lot more, a lot quicker, from other club members then you would by yourself!

Best Metal Detector For The Money 2014

By Wilson Basquiat | Here we have found the best metal detectors for 2014. You can enjoy your metal detecting quest a lot easier and be more successful. With these metal detectors you can finally take it to a higher level.

Best Metal Detector For The Money 2014

Here are the best metal detector we have found for the year of 2014. They are great detectors and easy to use finds everything. I know it is going to take some practice to get the hang of it, but I found a thumb tack 5" in the ground.


Teknetics EuroTek Pro

Teknetics EuroTek Pro

The Teknetics EuroTek Pro is a budget metal detector targeting beginners but powerful enough to be classed as a mid-range metal detector. It is crammed with features making it an excellent choice. Read the full Teknetics EuroTek Pro review here