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Updated by Michelle Houareau on Jan 26, 2014
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Best Indoor Potty for Dogs Review 2014

There are many considerations when buying indoor potties for your dog. With grass or without? If you prefer grass, would your dog prefer artificial grass or real turf? What's the easiest dog potty to clean to minimize odors and bacteria? The size of your dog. The price. Let's explore some buying options that make you, and your dog, the most comfortable.

Growing Puppies - Virginia Schnoodle Breeder --Hypoallergenic Dogs: Review of Dog Indoor Potty spots

You all know how much I love a litter box for rearing my brand new puppies. But as a breeder I am always looking out for ways to improve on the old methods. Since I will soon have my own puppy, I can trouble shoot a lot of training situations as they occur, and share the solutions that work for us.

Getting dog to use potty patch? - Yahoo Answers

I have a 4 year old Pomeranian my family recently purchased. The dog is a completely indoor dog, and while I don't mind walking him every day, I work at a C-Store for very lengthy hours at times (2-11...

Diapers, Potty Pads, and Fake Grass, Oh My!: A Potty Training Rant

People are lazy. We get that. We're lazy too sometimes. What we don't get are those people who are too lazy to potty train their damn dog. It's kind of a dog training basic. Millions and millions of people do it every year. It's really not that hard.

New! Hermetically Sealed Odorless Dog Potty - Dog Toilet

State-of-the-Art >>Crushes<< the competition! * Automatic draining hermetically sealed system! * ammonia smell! * No nightly cleaning and emptying drudgery! * No additional chemicals, deodorizers or sanitizers! * No smelly, unsanitary plastic grass! * No tracking pee on rugs, furniture or beds! * Helps prevent urinary tract infections * Empty only once a week!