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Non-Candy Valentine's Day Exchange Gifts

Valentine's is almost as synonymous with candy as Halloween. But for people who avoid sweets from either necessity or choice, there are other options. Valentine ideas for diabetics, those with food allergies, or anyone who wants to help limit sweets.

Valentine's Stickers

I'm so excited to share what my boys will be doing for Valentines this year! We decided to go the non-food route this year - bonus we can make them ahead of time! I have tons of stickers from before I went to digital scrapbooking and we are using those to give away this year.

Valentine Tea Bags

These cute tea bags are refashioned and dressed up for Valentine's Day. Take an ordinary tea bag, add some pretty scrapbook paper and you have a thoughtful, and useful, gift to give to teachers, friends, neighbors or family members. Go one step further and create the tea bag envelope too for that added personal touch!

MadLib Valentines

Last year, Ralph gave MadLibs for Valentine's Day. And this year he wanted to do the same. So we decided to spice things up with a new presentation. We did this project last night, which means the photos are a little dim, but I think they're still very use-able.

Friendship Bracelet Valentines

Are you starting to think about Valentine's Day yet? I already have ideas brewing in my head for the children's 2012 valentines and plan on sharing at least one of them with you next week. Until then, here's some happy news.

Glow Stick Valentines

My creative cousin, Cheryl, turned me on to this idea. Lil O and I designed the hearts and message in Publisher, printed on cardstock, and then, we took turns cutting out the hearts. After purchasing two tubes of $1 glow sticks from Michael's craft store and taping one to each heart, we had her Valentines school ready.

Ruler Valentines

A year ago I put together a cute non-candy DIY Valentine for my Big Boy's class. I originally posted it here. However, since my original post, it seems this little project has taken the internet/pinterest by storm and I am humbled by all the requests I've received about it and all the blogs...

Stitched Heart Bookmarks

Hello 30 days readers! It's Allison from little lovelies, here to share an embroidery project with you! This project is so easy and involves so little embroidery that I feel like a cheater even calling it one, but since you have to pick up a needle and thread, we'll just say it counts.

Crayon Hearts

Both the Maurer family of Houston, Texas, and the Wianecki family of Barnegat, New Jersey, wrote in to tell us they wax romantic come Valentine's Day. The families gather crayon nubs and recycle them into swirly, useable valentines. We can't think of a better way to say, "I melt for you."

Valentine Bubbles

18 January 2011 6,882 views 11 Comments by Care I've got Valentine's Day projects on the brain! I know it's still a little early, but really -- I just can't resist all the cheerful red and pink, and those cute hearts! For me, Valentine's Day is just an excuse to make, display, and give cute little treats and favors!

Bounce Balls

I love these valentines for four reasons. 3. they do not involve candy Yesterday Owen + I spent the afternoon creating these beauties for his little classmates. And when I say "Owen + I", I mean we did every step of this project together.

Toy Animals

This is what we've been working on for 8-year-old Olive's valentines this year. I think they're turning out cute, no? My favorite is the hippo shouting "Hippo Valentine's Day!" But I need your opinion: do we prefer the wild animals featured in the little cellophane bags?

Paratrooper Toys

Finishing up our week of free class Valentine printables, this one is for the BOYS! We can all use more boy Valentine ideas, right? (Although I imagine plenty of girls will be happy to give-or receive-this as well.) You know those fun plastic paratrooper toys? Yea, we're pretty familiar with them here-my boys love them.


How could your student not be the teacher's pet after distributing a classic pink school eraser to all her classmates on Valentine's Day? Perfect right? Bettijo's oldest, Attalie, is now in first grade, so she is forever practicing her handwriting or drawing. (Remember the lined paper Bettijo made her?

Pencil Gifts

Here is a last minute valentine! These silly worms are inching along to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day! Print the inchworms on thin colored copy paper. Cut out inchworm going clear to the edge of the paper even though the printing stops. Fold inchworms on the dotted line toward the inside.

Reusable Hot/Cold Pack

This year, our candy-free Valentine's Day gifts were inspired by my boys. It seems that they are constantly suffering from bumps, bruises, owies, growing pains, you name it. A bag of frozen pees, or a warm cloth is usually all they need to soothe the pain, and they are back playing in no time at all.

Mini Party Pack Valentines

I asked Deb Averett to create a quick and clever valentine that can be made from easy-to-find materials. Look what she came up with. Adorable! - Gabrielle -- Here's a super easy, super festive valentine that's perfect for handing out to classmates. Good for both boys and girls - and it's candy-free!

Love Bug Valentines

While wandering through the craft store a couple weeks ago I happened upon a lot of Valentine's Day merchandise with the term "love bug." Although it was all pretty cheesy and very girly, it inspired this years non-candy version for Owen's 1st grade class.

Toy Trucks

Last year I made "I Wheelie Like You" Valentines - perfect for boys. How about an update for this year? I found this inexpensive bulldozer at Walmart (under $1) and knew that most boys would be excited about it. Especially my nephews. You could use a car, a truck, a bike, a motorcycle- pretty much anything that rolls.

Activity Pages

Your source for free downloadable, customizable fun printables! I'm inspired by anything Kawaii as you can see by my kawaii character illustrations. I'm a mom blogger that is always looking for useful things that I can share with my readers especially children's books and iPhone or iPad apps.

Valentine Fortune Tellers

I asked Danyelle to create a candy-free valentine that grade-schoolers would love. I'd say she nailed it! Take a look. - Gabrielle I'm a big fan of fun candy-free Valentines. This project was inspired by the mounds of paper fortune tellers that fall from my daughter's backpack daily.