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Headline for Windows-Updates, Opinions, and Errors
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Windows-Updates, Opinions, and Errors

Here is a list of articles about Windows: opinions, updates, and how to deal with errors.

Importance Of The Windows Start Button May Be Exaggerated

The loss of the Start button and not booting directly to the desktop seem to have stirred up quite a controversy. However, reports indicate that the importance of the Start button as well as booting to the desktop may be exaggerated. Either way, we'll find out when everyone can upgrade to the new/old Start button on October 17th.

Welcome to The Registry Library

Welcome to the Registry Library. Your free resource to process files and DLLs provided by Boost Software, INC. Find out about any file in your registry.

A Fresh Take on DLL Errors - Questions to Ask Before Paying for Help

For a long time people have been confined to a few options for how to get a PC fixed. If you have a problem like dll (Dynamic-Link Library) errors, screen freezes and computer crashes, you might have a friend that's a computer geek, you might be a techie yourself or you have to take it to someone to fix it after getting frustrated trying to use the tools for Windows itself.

5 Windows Errors Messages We'd Like To See

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Getting Use to Windows 8 Tiles

The Start button may be back after the most recent upgrade, but that may not change the fact you're still trying to adjust to using Windows 8. Have you not gotten used to the Windows Tiles (Apps) yet? If not, you're not alone. Where to find all Your Apps You can click the down arrow...

Solve Some Unique PC Problems With this Excellent Software PC HealthBoost

There are many times when you have faced some problems with your personal computer such as slow PC performance and those annoying messages. Though there are many types of software that are available over the internet that can be downloaded for making your PC run smooth but there is this excellent option available called as PC HealthBoost.

Fix PC Errors Now--Free!

In four months, you will no longer receive any Microsoft Updates for Windows XP. Therefore, you should obtain all the security patches now while you can. Furthermore, keep in mind that you choose to put your computer at risk of vulnerability if you use an outdated operating system for too long.

Custom Windows System Admin Panel vs. Maintenance Folder

When it comes to native Windows maintenance and administration applications, we can at least say that their hearts are in the right place. It's not to say that these applications don't work, but between a typically lackluster performance (think Malware Removal Tool and Windows Defender vs.

Speed Up PC When Downloading Regular Windows Security UpdatesPCHealthBoost | PC Health Boost Blog

Most Microsoft programs you use require regular security updates to help you spee d up PC performance. When you don't use the most current bug fixes for Silverlight, .Net, Office, Lync, Visual Studio, or other often-used software and plugins, your PC screen will freeze, some programs will shut down abruptly, and your computer might turn off unexpectedly.

How to Fix Dll ErrorsPCHealthBoost | PC Health Boost Blog

D ll errors will cause programs on your Windows 7 machine to not work correctly. You need to find a way to get rid of them before you experience worse problems. Maintaining your computer regularly minimizes the damage to your PC while optimizing its performance.

From Frustration to Fix Error 1303: A Brief GuidePCHealthBoost | PC Health Boost Blog

"Now why the ____ would you sell an operating system that does not allow you to install your own company's software??" asked a Microsoft Answers user after experiencing error 1303. This issue has occurred on Windows computers as early as Microsoft Office 2000, and still happens when installing Office 2010.

What Does It Mean When I See "0x80244019" In an Error Message?PCHealthBoost | PC Health Boost Blog

One of the most commonly asked questions concerns " 0×80244019 " in an error message. This alert indicates you can't install updates, and it could happen on just about any version of Windows including XP, 7, 8, or Vista.

How to Update Video Drivers with Your Device Manager

Learning how to update video drivers helps you enjoy uninterrupted game playing and movie watching. You also might want to find out if your graphics card is functioning properly. Then, check for new updates. Just like for testing audio drivers , you can use the device manager for this task as well as for checking your graphics (video) card.

A Friendly Intro to Your Windows RegistryPCHealthBoost | PC Health Boost Blog

Your PC's Windows registry can cause a number of problems for your computer, from a slow running computer to an actual computer crash but it's easy to fix. Unfortunately, the registry is also a vital part of your Windows operating system. So you can't solve these types of problems just by eliminating it entirely.

What are DLL Files? 5 Ways to Prevent DLL Errors

DLL errors are very common. They can affect one program or several. It depends on how many programs you have installed on your computer that use certain .dll files. Learning what they are and how to prevent them can improve PC efficiency. What are DLL Files?

Why Does my Computer Screen Freeze?

I asked myself, why does my computer screen freeze every time I play a video? This used to frustrate me, and now I know better. Other people can learn from my experience now that I figured out the problem. A Main Cause of Screen Freeze It usually happens when I try to run outdated software.

Why do I have outlook express errors?

Why do I Have Outlook Express Errors? If you wonder why you have Outlook Express errors, you're not alone. A number of factors can affect this email to run p...

Don't Panic, Windows Installer Error 1722 is Nothing New

To you, 1722 probably is just a number. It doesn't mean anything to if you have no idea what it means. However, since it's a common, albeit minor issue that occurs in most versions of Windows, you might want to learn how to deal with it as soon as possible.

Four Simple Ways to Speed up Computer Performance - PC Speed Boost

You might think "yeah right" if someone were to tell you there's an easy way to speed up PC performance. However, there is. In fact, you can try one of a

How to Prevent the Infamous Blue Screen of Death Appearance

It's 3:00 PM on a Friday afternoon. You only have two hours to finish a project, and the infamous Blue Screen of Death appears when you restart your Windows PC. Wailing and gnashing of teeth follows. Is it Too Late to Finish the Project?

About Malware: Do you Want the Good News or the Bad News First?

Malware hits social media sites and email accounts in droves. Why is that? Doesn't it seem like hackers just have nothing better to do? On what planet is it ...

How to Prevent the Infamous Blue Screen of Death Appearance

It's 3:00 PM on a Friday afternoon. You only have two hours to finish a project, and the infamous Blue Screen of Death appears when you restart your Windows PC. Wailing and gnashing of teeth follows. Is it Too Late to Finish the Project?

Why Should we Worry about Malware?

Not everyone understands the seriousness of malware on the computer. However, a 42% increase in targeted attacks and a 31% increase in mobile threats should wake us up just a little. Definition of Malware In the 1980s and 1990s, a virus was the main form of malware. It occurred on hard drives ...

The Dire Consequences of Not Updating Your Computer Often Enough

What happens if your computer doesn't get updated? What are the consequences will you be facing when problems starting to show when you ignore the updating windows pop-up?

What Are Windows Installer Errors and how do I Resolve Them?

Windows installer errors occur when trying to run or use a program. Sometimes you'll get a message telling you that an installation failed because a specific .exe or .dll file is missing or corrupt. Other times, it will be because you have tried to install it in a folder where it doesn't belong.