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Headline for 2014 Annual HRPA Conference Blog Team Posts - #HRPA2014
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2014 Annual HRPA Conference Blog Team Posts - #HRPA2014

All of the #HRPA2014 blog team posts will be listed in this list.

Time to Climb the Company Jungle Gym!

The notion of preparing for the future is a constant theme you hear from various leaders: how can you be strategic as a successful HR partner to help the organization get it to where it needs to be? How do you grow and develop an organization's talent to help them get to this future state?...

Building Talent is SUPPOSED to be hard

Question: Do you think that truly talented people were born with an innate ability to do what they do well? Or do you think that talent is built like a wall, brick by brick? Geoff Colvin, senior editor of Fortune magazine and author of "Talent is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else"...

Comparing Peter Mansbridge to HR

I got to meet Peter Mansbridge today. I got @joanneroyce to take picture of him with me. This is going to be a picture I keep forever. Let's just say I like the dude.Peter was a substitute speaker at #hrpa2014. How someone can speak for an hour on two hour's notice is beyond me.

What Separates Talent From the Rest of Us?

I am reflecting on Geoff Colvin's presentation this morning.He asked at the beginning of the presentation for the audience to identify the top drivers of talent. I said to myself quietly (or in truth I think @_symakhan heard me) it is practice.I was right. Yay me.Many moons ago, I was a competitive swimmer.

The Golden Truth About Great Performance

It all started with a question: "Where does great performance really come from?". Geoff Colvin posed this question to hundreds of HR professionals gathered at the morning keynote session as we all gingerly sipped on our coffees waking up and wondering how awe inspired we would be this early in the morning.




Geoff Colvin kicked off the HRPA 2014 Conference this morning with his keynote about how Talent is Overrated. His question to us was: Where does great performance really come from? With stories and analogies about Tiger Woods, Chevrolet test crashes, unknown geniuses and more, Geoff made the case that in fact, great performance is a...

That Little War On Talent You Forgot About Is Back!!

During the dot-com boom every one talked about a War on Talent. Candidates where ruling talent acquisition cycles and getting whatever they asked for, signing bonuses, cars, golf club memberships, free trips, mountain bikes ( remember those) - it was a little insane. We had think tanks, symposiums all manner of collective brain storming to...

Talent is overrated. What makes great performers?

Standards are rising. We are all in a global labour market where competition for faster, cheaper, better is constant. Great performance takes more than brains, hard work and innate talent. It takes deliberate practice. It takes 10,000 hours to become great at something. Deliberate means it's designed for you, can be repeated at high volumes...

HR Conference Kick-off

Hello HRPA 2014!!! Nothing makes me happier than being at a big old HR conference with other HR people who are super excited to hear about employment law, disability management, flex work and strategic benefits management. It's the truth, which is probably why my friends who don't work in HR always sit me at the...

Blogs on the Horizon

On this website this week, be on the lookout for posts from all sorts of bloggers in HR. Given that I'm presenting at HRPA 2014 on a topic called "Be An HR Blogger" and I am blogging here this week, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight the fact that a conference blogsite is an...

HRPA isn't SHRM!

Okay, so I'm coming from 'down south' to go to HRPA 2014! Well, actually I'm only going about 50 miles north, since Lansing, MI is barely south of Toronto! It's my first time attending HRPA and I'm super excited because I have this theory that Canadian HR Pros are way less uptight than American HR...

Ladies & Gentlemen... Arrrre yoooou reeeadyyy? #HRPA2014

We are less than 24 hours away from the 2014 Annual HRPA Conference & Tradeshow. I have attended a fair number of HRPA conferences and I can't remember this much excitement and buzz being generated for this year's event. I decided to create a very short and simple video of my thoughts on the conference....

Recipe for HRPA 2014 Awesomesauce

Many of you may have seen me use the hashtag #Awesomesauce. I can't take credit for coining the phrase. As a matter of fact, it's origin has been argued. I thought I would share with you my own recipe for the #HRPA2014 Conference & Trade Show #Awesomesauce.

#HRPA2014 Bloggity Bloggy Blog Blog...

Within the HR world the use of social media is trending upwards. It's taken awhile... BUT... we are definitely trending in the right direction and this is a very good thing. The use for social media is extremely varied --- yes we use it to find the next great hire but you can find uses...

Four tips to prepare for HRPA 2014

HRPA's 2014 Annual Conference and Trade Show is just around the corner, and will help examine how HR can actively innovate and help differentiate their organizations to create change and success. On January 22 - 24, HR professionals will gather at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to participate in over 100+ sessions and keynotes from Dan...