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Home Decor

Find home decor here for every room in your home. From bedding to appliances, and so much more!

22 Great Bedroom Decor Ideas for Men | Worthminer

Check out some ideas for making your bedroom decor resonate masculine style.

Beautiful Bedding

Find bedding here for the entire family.

Country Style Decorations

Country style decor for every room in your home.

Animal Print Lamps

If you enjoy animal print decor, then you'll love these animal print lamps. There are table lamps, night lights, wall lamps and floor lamps here, all with animal print designs either on the lamp or the lamp shade. These animal print lamps will leave a lasting impression in any room in which you place them!

Comfy Chair Beds

Chair beds are great pieces of furniture that every home should have. They can be used as chairs, chaise lounges, single beds, extra seating for parties and more! Dorm rooms, teen bedrooms, kids' bedrooms and so on are perfect places for a chair bed!

Craft Room Furniture and Storage

If you are a crafty type of person, then you need (and probably want) a crafty-looking space in which to create your masterpieces, right? Here you'll find some wonderful furniture, craft supplies, crafty supply storage items and more for your craft room.

Farmhouse Tables

Farmhouse tables add so much beauty to your country style home! They are typically made of thick, durable wood, and the designs can be simple or intricate, depending on the builder. There are many different wood types, colors and styles available. I've selected some of my favorites, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Front Load Washer and Dryer Set

Front load washer and dryer sets make your life easier by providing you with top quality washing and drying abilities while keeping the top of the appliances free to set laundry baskets, detergent and other items on. You'll find a nice variety of front load washer and dryer sets here to choose from.

Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces will help keep you warm on cold days and nights. Simply plug them in, and they'll provide toasty warmth for you and your family. Some electric fireplaces have a faux brick look to them, and some are a bit more plain, but all are effective at keeping your room warm.

Beige Bedding

Beige is a nice neutral color that goes well with any other room decor you may already have. This lovely beige bedding will add softness and a touch of elegance to your bedroom. Sometimes keeping things simple makes the biggest impact of all.

Surfboard Decor

Surfboard decor is perfect for beach lovers of all ages. These decorations work well in a teen's bedroom, dorm rooms or in the home of anyone who loves the sport of surfing. From surfboard bedding and bedroom decorations, to shelves, rugs and other products, you'll find all you need here to create an awesome surfing theme in just about any room in your home.

Americana Decor

Americana design goes well with country style decorating and also nautical decorations. If you enjoy either of those design styles, you'll probably enjoy Americana decor, as well. I love the rustic look that often goes along with these products. I think it makes a home welcoming and warm.

6 Ways to Embrace the Natural Decor Trend in Your Bedroom

If you want to create natural decor trend in your bedroom then here are some amazing tips for you. These tips will make your room look stylish & amazing.

15 Stylish Boho Bedroom Ideas - VIAPU

Boho style is all the rage, but it can be hard to come up with boho bedroom ideas on your own. Keep reading and check out these ideas here.

5 Reasons Why Storage Organizers Are Worth Having

Read this article to know about storage organizers. Here are the top reasons to organize your space to make it look more spacious, beautiful and elegant.

12 Best Curtains for Living Room with Tips and FAQs

Click here to see 12 amazing curtains for living room that make your living room looks good. Here are some decorative yet functional curtains to try.

What is a Storybook House: Beautiful Storybook Style Homes

The storybook house is known for its fanciful features, such as sloped roofs, turrets, and rounded doors. Here are some of the most charming storybook houses.

The Top-Creative Secret: 10 Decor Ideas for Small Bedrooms with Large Beds

Check out these 10 incredible ideas for decorating small bedrooms with large beds. With these ideas, your small bedroom will look and feel spacious and elegant.

If you have your eyes set on a large bed then go for it! Even if you own a small room, there are inventive tweaks that can be made in the decor to make your room warmer, more welcoming, and airier.

Top 25 Exquisite Mediterranean Style Homes in 2023

Check out exotic Mediterranean style houses that exude a timeless design that is universally appealing. Explore Mediterranean vibe.

17+ Spectacular Frank Lloyd Wright Houses You Can Visit

We've compiled a list of 20+ frank lloyd wright houses that fall into the organic, prairie, and usonian styles. Now open to the public.


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