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Computer Optimization and Tech News

Here is a list of blogs about PC optimization and random tech news.

The Impact of Tablet Devices on The Education Sector

Education and learning have acquired a new face since the advent of the tablet PC's, such as iPads and other tablets. There has been a sea change in the manner of teaching, and students have been the biggest beneficiaries in this new scenario.

Fix Blue Screen Errors | PC Error Repair

PC HealthBoost™ operates best with the following minimum system specifications: Microsoft Windows ® PC HealthBoost™ is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista, XP Pro (& Home) 32 & 64 Bit Minimum: Internet Access (To Register) 1024 MB of RAM 10 MB of hard drive space Recommended: Internet Access (For Updates) 2048 MB of RAM 50 MB of hard drive space Initial Download: PC HealthBoost is a software tool that automatically repairs PC registry errors.

PC HealthBoost Review: Restore the Health of Your Computer

As a Blogger, my computer is so important to me. It contains so much significant information, I couldn't imagine it getting sick. I take my dear laptop with me everywhere. I would not be able to accomplish anything without it. As a mother, my computer is...

Starting a New Business with an Old PC

How Can I boost PC Speed to Make These Computers More Useable?When you have the computer set up in your place of business, next make sure they not only work, but work reasonably well. People don't mind using older machines as long as they are functional and clean.

PC Healthboost Review

PC Healthboost - Top Converting Registry Cleaner Download Link : Product Review : PC Health Boost is a new addition to the registry cleaner market, & an outstanding one at that. Once you download PC HealthBoost, the program is installed on your hard drive.

A Green Vehicle Comparison and Contrast: Tesla versus Leaf

Nowadays, people are going considerably further in one trip than they did before. However, what do green cars have to offer besides over 100 mpg? We decided to compare and contrast two new green cars. This will help you understand what you can expect when buying a more environmentally-friendly vehicle.

Game Smarter, Not Harder

I admit it, I don't get much down time these days. Two kids, lots of schoolwork, field work, housekeeping, and blogging all keep me busy busy busy. However, the winter holiday leaves me with quite a bit of mama time.

Don't Let Your PC Fail You During An E-Course, Use PC Optimization Software

November 12, 2013 by We are a busy people, no matter where you live in the world. One of the best ways to advance your career and save time is to use Online Universities and getting a degree. The only problem is that sometimes your computer is not up to the task and might crash at a critical time.

10 Must-Have Top Green Apps for iPhone

Want to know how to leave a smaller carbon footprint? Is there an app for that? Well, of course there is. It may not be as popular as the latest Candy Crush Saga or Subway Surfers, but where there is a demand, there is supply.

Must They Take My Photos Without (Barely) Asking? Mobile Privacy Concerns - User Generated Reviews, Galleries and mor...

This article is more than just about whether or not mobile apps require me to automatically upload all or none of my pictures. However, I'm starting out with this because this is how they "get you." When it comes to preserving our personal data, it sickens me to think that phone apps would require such a thing.

#4.01 Windows Error: Dreaded Blue Screen of Death

Welcome to PC Software Section #4 Computer Errors-Topic 1 Windows Error: Blue Screen of Death. Windows errors are never fun. When you get one you may not know if yo want to yell, or just sit for as second in disbelief. But the best thing is to stay calm .

Another Screen Freeze Is One Too Many

Why is my computer always freezing up? What is wrong with it? If your old computer is crashing or freezing up consistently and you are ready for a change, here are a few suggestions to get it running smoothly. There are many things that can cause a PC to lock up, freeze, or send you error messages.

Did you Ever Anticipate Being Hacked by a Fridge?

Wow. Technology just never stops, does it? Did you ever think you could be hacked by a refrigerator? The Wire explains this a little bit further ( Hackers used at least refrigerator to send out hundreds of thousands of spam messages during the Holiday season.

Infographic : Giving the Trusted Windows PC its Own Spring Cleaning

In this infographic you will learn how to speed up, revive and clean up your Windows PC. You won't have to take your computer to a fancy computer wizard and shell out big bucks or give up your first born son.

7 Tips and Tricks to Speed Up Your Computer and Make it Run More Smoothly

Even the most expensive high-end computer starts to seem slow after a while. That's because every Windows computer does get slower with time. Fortunately, it's a predictable process that you can do something about. You can speed up your computer and eliminate hassle with a few simple, easy-to-implement tricks.

Boost Software Starts a new PC HealthBoost Scholarship Fund

Boost Software, an award-winning registry cleaning software and driver update utility provider, just started a new PC HealthBoost Scholarship Fund. This decision was made to foster an interest in computers and technology and to give students a chance to afford to fund their education.

Will A Top Registry Cleaner Speed Up PC Efficiency?

If you notice your computer doesn't run as fast as it used to, it might be time to learn about top registry cleaner methods. Maintaining your computer the right way will speed up PC performance dramatically, but you need to use caution during the process.

How to Do a Realtek Driver Update Quickly

If you ever spent too much time trying to figure out how to perform a realtek driver update, then you would appreciate this mini-lesson. Finding updates for your PC and your audio equipment doesn't have to take long. Back Up Your Computer Before You Update It Usually updating your Realtek drivers won't cause any serious issues.

Audio Drivers | How to Update Yours Correctly

Sometimes you can plug in your speakers, microphones and other devices and your audio drivers will update automatically. However, you sometimes need to manually find them. Be Careful Where you Get Your Audio Drivers One way to ensure you find the right drivers for your equipment is to go to the manufacturer site.

Computer Problems and Solutions to Fight Against Malware

When trying to find out more about computer problems and solutions to fix them, you'll find it's not always malware. However, you sometimes have to troubleshoot using a few different repair methods before you find out what exactly causes slow computer performance. Still, finding out the real problem won't take long if you access the right repair tools.

"How Do I Fix Windows Update Errors?" You asked

You asked a very common question: " How do I fix Windows Update errors? " "Very carefully," is our first response. However, you of course need a more detailed answer than that. After all, you probably have important work to finish or you just want to be able to watch a movie or play a game - and now.

Windows Installer Errors Fixed with a Microsoft Registry Cleaner

You might have received Windows installer errors recently with numbers such as 0×80040001, 0x800ccc0b, 1719, or 1722 accompanying them. It's possible to eliminate these as well as other Windows, Java, Dll or EXE file corruptions. An F.A.Q. - How do Specific Errors Affect My Computer?

OS Compatibility Will Help you Fix Outlook Express Errors

If you still use Windows XP, you probably still use Outlook Express. If you have Windows 7 or later OS, you might get Outlook Express errors if you try to run it on your system.

How Social Media Can Make Healthcare Better - Social Factor

Do you want your practice or hospital to grow? Are you, as a physician, eager to improve the care you provide to your patients? Are you a medical researcher who wants to share what you've learned, while at the same time learn from others like you?

6 Signs Of Online Computer Scams

With all the privacy scares presented in the news lately, you must do your part to protect yourself. Look for signs of scams while you use social network sites, send and receive e-mails, and download content from sites. Signs of suspicious activity on sites and in e-mail include the following: E-mails not addressed specifically to you - Some exceptions do apply.