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#beamentor Volunteer Team Members


#beamentor™ Volunteer Member Ali Rodriguez - #bealeader

Name: Ali Rodriguez Location: Ormond Beach, Florida Meeting Preference: Virtual Bio: Ali is passionately crazy about helping professionals fuse passion with profits, monetize their expertise, and create a lifestyle to match.

#beamentor™ Volunteer Bob Zimmerman - #bealeader

Name: Bob Zimmerman Location: Grayslake, IL Meeting Preference: Virtual Bio: Bob is a business executive that focuses on the Technology vertical. His strength lies in creating vision, alignment and driving transparency through an organization. He grew up in IT from developer through Architect and eventually made the jump to leadership.

#beamentor™ Volunteer Member Claire Crossley - #bealeader

Name: Claire Crossley Location: Toronto, Ontario - Canada Meeting Preference: In Person (Virtual on a case by case basis) Bio: Following a 17 year career in healthcare which focused on business development, adult education and knowledge translation, Claire Crossley currently works with individuals and organizations to offer programs and life-skills to moms and youth in the City of Toronto.

#beamentor™ Volunteer Christopher Walden - #bealeader

Name: Christopher Walden Location: Leominister, MA Meeting Preference: Virtual Bio: Christopher currently serves as the Vice President, CIO of a hospital in New England. Christopher is a dynamic leader who has spent the last 18 years working in information technology and healthcare for Fortune 500 companies, as well as, not-for-profit organizations.

#beamentor™ Volunteer Emily Wagner - #bealeader

Name: Emily Wagner Location: Tampa, Fl - USA Meeting Preference: Virtual, but in-person would be great when applicable. Bio: I am currently the Managing Director at Webber Kerr Associates holding a Bachelor's degree in Interpersonal Communications from the University of South Florida.

#beamentor™ Volunteer Member Jacques Gagne - #bealeader

Name: Jacques Gagne Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Meeting Preference: Virtual Bio: Security Management Professional living in Canada. Grew up on military bases and urban areas. Second generation military and first generation Law Enforcement. Attended public school; enrolled in the military and attended Military College (academy).

#beamentor™ Volunteer Member Jason Gold - #bealeader

Name: Jason Gold Location: Sharon, MA - USA Meeting Preference: Virtual Bio: I am an experienced Health Care Professional with over 15 years of experience: 15 in Elder Care & 5 prior as a practicing psychotherapist before choosing a career in Long Term Care.

#beamentor™ Volunteer Member Jayme Soulati - #bealeader

Name: Jayme Soulati Location: Dayton, OH Meeting Preference: email, Skype, phone and if possible in person Bio: Jayme Soulati is president of Soulati Media, Inc., a hybrid public relations practice blending b-to-b digital, content and social media marketing with core public relations.

#beamentor™ Volunteer Member Jennifer Olney - #bealeader

Name: Jennifer Olney Location: Baltimore, MD Meeting Preference: Virtual Bio: Jennifer brings to the table over 20 years of experience in various senior corporate marketing roles. Jennifer has served as a mentor since the age of 23 . Since 2006, she has founded her own consulting firm working with various start up organizations from Maryland to the Silicon Valley.

#beamentor™ Volunteer Member Katelyn Demers - #bealeader

Name: Katelyn Demers Location: Franklin, MA Bio : I am a middle school assistant principal and doctoral student. I am passionate about humane education, the environment, incorporating technology, and inspiring global leaders. Meeting Preference: Virtual Areas of Expertise: Educational Leadership Curriculum and Assessment Blended Learning Data Driven Instruction To connect with Katelyn, please complete the mentee intake form below and select Katelyn from the drop down menu.

#beamentor™ Volunteer Member Kneale Mann - #bealeader

Name: Kneale Mann Location: Stowe, Vermont Meeting Preference: Virtual Bio: Management and leadership professional Kneale has over twenty-five years of business experience building some of the largest radio stations in North America; consulting start-ups, mid-size, and Fortune 500 organizations; coaching leadership professionals; and leading multifaceted strategic initiatives.

#beamentor™ Volunteer Member Kraig Harper - #bealeader

Name: Kraig Harper Location: Grand Rapids, MI Meeting Preference: Virtual Bio : I'm a CPA and I have been the CFO for Service Express, Inc since 1999. We've averaged 20% organic growth for over 10 years. Our vision is to help our employees achieve their personal, professional and financial goals.

#beamentor™ Volunteer Mark Salke - #bealeader

Name: Mark Salke Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan - USA Meeting Preference: Virtual Bio: Mark began his career in healthcare information technology in various positions in implementations, system engineering, project management and account management before moving into sales. He has spent the last 15 years in sales positions in the medical software and internet technology fields.

#beamentor™ Volunteer Member Parthenia Warford - #bealeader

Name: Parthenia Warford Location: Washington, DC Meeting Preference: Virtual or In-Person Bio: Parthenia is the Founder of The Warford Foundation. The purpose of The Warford Foundation is to assist military widows and single mothers with the opportunity to obtain a two year degree in nursing.

#beamentor™ Volunteer Member Roy A. Ackerman - #bealeader

Name: Roy A. Ackerman Location: Alexandria, VA Bio: I am a polymath, whose interests span chemical engineering, medicine, biotechnology, business, management, among other areas. Among my inventions/developments: dialyzer, dialysate, neurosurgical drill, respiratory inspirometer, colon electrolyte lavages, urinary catheters, cardiac catheters, water reuse systems, drinking water system, ammonia degrading microbes, toxic chemical reduction via microbes, onsite waste water treatment, electronic health care information systems, bookkeeping and accounting programs, among others.

#beamentor™ Volunteer Member Scott Mabry - #bealeader

Name: Scott Mabry Location: Murfreesboro, TN Bio: School teacher turned business owner and leader. 23 years in various levels of management with 15 years in senior leadership roles. Blogger, connector, community builder, humorist, dad. Area of Expertise: Leadership Development Personal Development Culture Change Business, Operations, Teams To connect with Scott, please complete the mentee intake form below and select Scott from the drop down menu.

#beamentor™ Volunteer Member Alli Polin - #bealeader

Name: Alli Polin Location: Alice Springs, Australia Meeting Preference: Virtual Bio: Alli Polin, CPCC, ACC, is the Founder and CEO of Break the Frame, LLC. As a former senior executive, with deep experience in change management consulting and organization development, Alli knows the difference that exceptional leadership makes to employee engagement and the bottom line.

#beamentor™ Volunteer Member Jennifer Tesoro - #bealeader

Name: Jennifer Tesoro Location: Istanbul, Turkey Meeting Preference: Virtual Bio: As a 'younger' Gen-Y international administrator, seeking out a mentor was not always at my fingertips. Only through my very recent discoveries in social media have I been able to connect with more like-minded and committed educators and leaders from all over the globe.

#beamentor™ Volunteer Member Marc Lawn - #bealeader

Name: Marc Lawn Location: Cheltenham, Great Britain Meeting Preference: Virtual Bio: A global commercial and strategic executive and consultant. I have conducted roles and assignments in 5 functions and across 9 industries in 13 countries. Have worked and/or consulted across operations, HR, sales, marketing, transformation and strategy.