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"It's a Sign, Stupid!" (Book Chapters)

A must read for anyone on a spiritual journey. Former TV news reporter, Mike Doria, investigates and uncovers all the "signs" given to him as child and into adulthood that helped him recognize his own journey. This unique and fascinating look at various signs, symbols and life events is written from an autobiographical viewpoint but gives readers concepts, ideas, tools and insight to help them on their own spiritual journey.

Book Covers

You can look at something as just a sign -- OR you can see something as a "sign." The cover contains various signs and symbols that were extremely important to my spiritual journey.

Chapter 1: Mother's Day

How to make sense of a loved one's passing or deal with the emotion that comes when two friends must part ways.

Chapter 2: Cape Ability

Synopsis: Ready to step up and let your inner super hero soar? We all have capability. Now, find out how to get "Cape" Ability.

Chapter 3: Breaking News

How to know it's time to say goodbye to a career and begin the next.

Chapter 4: I'm with the Band

Synopsis: All about challenging yourself in life to get to what you really hold near and dear to your heart. Ready to roar?

Chapter 5: Tuning in

God speaks to us in many ways -- including through other people. How to tune in your ears to know when you might be getting a message.

Chapter 6: B.C.

Your life plan and mantra don't have to be so formal. The interesting ways the Universe gets you to start changing your attitude.

Chapter 7: Madison Avenue

When you're just not getting it; yet another unique way the Universe will find to get through to you. Sometimes, a Hollywood Star comes to the rescue.

Chapter 8: Animal Instinct

You might think this is for the birds, but animals are filled with signs and special meanings. How to translate what that lion, giraffe, toad or octopus is trying says when the two of you cross paths.

Chapter 9: Something Fishy Going On

You want to know the future? Or -- at the very least -- would you like some great advice and words of wisdom to keep your life hassle free? Start reading your horoscope and read this chapter to unlock one of life's mysteries.


Chapter 10: Happy Birthday

Chapter 10: Happy Birthday

Who knew the world actually comes with a built in time machine to propel us backwards? Tiny problem: This time machine is only designed to toy with your head. An explanation of Mercury in Retrograde and how to make the most of its visit three times a year.

Chapter 11: Manifesto

Practice makes perfect -- right? Wishing, praying for and even an overzealous imagination are the tricks to getting what you want in life. I'll tell you how.

Chapter 12: Eye of Newt

They don't quite fly on brooms, turn people into toads or live only for Halloween. Real-life witches, their gifts and the reason the power of their prayer resonates with the Universe.

Chapter 13: Numbers Game

Consider this your 20/20 vision. Your blatantly precise blueprint that teaches you your heart's desire, your destiny and the challenges in need of overcoming in life. Numerology is not fairy-tale hocus- pocus.

Chapter 14: Fix-o, Change-o Rearrange-o

Forget a trip back in time -- fly into the future in Chapter 14 as it discusses how to truly make the world a better place and how we can all do better at doing our part.

Chapter 15: We all Fall Down

You never fail in life until you give up. Now, dust yourself off and find out the real reason it's important to have goals, keep your head up and carry on in life. You're part of a team you may not know about just yet.

It's a Sign, Stupid (Book Trailer)

The official trailer for the newly released book titled "It's a Sign, Stupid!" by Michael Doria. Chronicling his Spiritual Journey, Doria uses his reporter skill set to investigate, uncover and interpret the various signs given to him during his journey to help further lead him to figure out his life's purpose and come into his destiny.


Book Publicity | Glamour House Blog

Book Publicity | Glamour House Blog

While out on a photo shoot with Glamour House Blog, I came upon orange construction cones and literally four signs with everything from detour, wrong way, to road closed. How's that for a sign -- stupid!


Mention in Newspaper

Mention in Newspaper

Celebrity columnist Doug Elfman interviewed me regarding surprise celebrity moments experienced from my freelance gig with Us Weekly Magazine. In the article he mentions "It's a Sign, Stupid!" and Holly Madison who appears in Chapter 7 titled "Madison Avenue."