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SP-Here! => links resulting from work I've done, related research, study references, etc.

12 reasons folders in SharePoint are a bad idea | SharePoint Maven

12 reasons why folders in SharePoint are not a good idea

5 Ways of Branding Office 365 without Modifying the Master Page - CollabShow

We’ve been schooled on customizing our Office 365 sites too much and I’ve seen it clarified a couple of times recently that you should avoid modifying your Master Page. So what can you do? Here are 5 ways you can build brand and look and feel without modifying the master page.

Account permissions and security settings in SharePoint 2013

This article describes SharePoint administrative and services account permissions for the following areas: Microsoft SQL Server, the file system, file shares, and registry entries.


Add a data connection to a Microsoft SQL Server database

Add a data connection to a Microsoft SQL Server database

Add a data connection to a Web service

Add a data connection to a Web service
Adding Custom Activities for the Colleague Tracker in SP 2007

I just got back from the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. One of the things that I learned about and am excited about is in SharePoint 2010 you can have custom activities that show up in the colleague tracker for My Sites.

Adding Space to the Rating Scale in SharePoint Surveys

A recent client is using surveys that have some very long questions used in a rating scale. This causes the text to be difficult to read because they all get pushed up against one another. The offending problem here is a lack of padding between the table cells used to render the survey.

Adding Views to a SharePoint Survey

When I am working with SharePoint lists and libraries, one of the common tasks that I expect to do often is create alternate views of the items. By default, SharePoint only provides a single view, All Documents or All Items for libraries or lists respectively. Sure, some of the special lists types like the Task...

Add New Active Directory Attributes to SharePoint User Profiles

Sometimes you need to modify the Active Directory schema to add new user attributes and then map these attributes to SharePoint user profiles. The first step in this process is to make modifications to the Active Directory schema.

Article - Configuring User Profile Services in SharePoint Server 2010 | SharePoint24x7

There are number of things which we need to do manually right after installing SharePoint Server 2010. Enabling Activity Feed Timer Job which unlocks the full power of social networking capabilities is one of them and I already discussed about it in a previous article. The profile import architecture in SharePoint 2010 is all new.

A Security Prompt that makes you go "Huh?"...

Every few months, a Microsoft employee will send me an email complaining that Internet Explorer showed them the following dialog: This page is accessing information that is not under its control. This poses a security risk. Do you want to continue? ...and they don't understand the question or how to answer.

I’ve come to accept that a lot of you guys appreciate the technical content that gets put together in these blogs, but at the end of the day you have a job to do. As much as you like to read my ramblings for HOW to do something, you just want to “Get it working” and get on with the rest of your job. I hear you, I get it, and based upon the response from my previous blog post on creating tabs for your web parts (TABBED WEB PARTS IN SHAREPOINT 2013 / OFFICE 365) I realize that I should throw together a few more of these “plug and play” scripts to help you guys get your jobs done.

Attach or detach content databases in SharePoint 2013

You can attach or detach SharePoint 2013 content databases by using the SharePoint Central Administration website or Windows PowerShell 3.0

Automatically created managed properties in SharePoint Server 2013

When you add columns to a SharePoint library or list, you can choose to add regular columns or site columns. For information about the difference between regular columns and site columns, see Introduction to columns. In SharePoint Server 2013, only site columns that contain values will automatically become managed properties when they are crawled. Regular columns will not automatically become managed properties when they are crawled.

Automatic Thumbnail generation in SharePoint

We've got a customer doing a very common thing - and to my surprise, the user experience in SharePoint is pretty frustrating. The customer has a number of publishing pages, with Images at full size and thumbnail size (for roll-up). So far, so standard.

Avoiding Bugs From Cached Javascript.html

This article got quite detailed so here’s an executive summary – if you store custom JavaScript/CSS files etc. somewhere under SharePoint’s ‘layouts’ folder (or upload them manually to a library within the site), make sure the URL changes on each update. This is usually done with a querystring parameter in the URL e.g. /_layouts/MyProject/JS/MyScript.js?Rev=2011.11.20.1

Back to the Future with SharePoint 2016 User Profile Synchronization

With SharePoint 2013, Microsoft introduced a lightweight in-process Active Directory Import option similar to what was used prior to SharePoint 2010


Bing Maps Silverlight Control Integration with SharePoint 2010 - Integration of Silverlight 4 with SharePoint 2010
In this article demonstrates how to integrate a Silverlight Application with SharePoint 2010 using Bing Maps Control for Silverlight as example. Very similar to something I did at Ensign Energy.
BPA SharePoint Calendar - BPA Solutions

BPA SharePoint calendar allows you to aggregate many lists into one single calendar. Specific colors can be attributed based on lists or fields.

Build 2015 (Channel 9)

Build will cover all Microsoft Platforms - expect rich new content and information on Windows, Azure, Office 365 and more. Developers will receive deep training, allowing them to take advantage of the incredible advances in our platforms, including Windows 10, and providing access to over 1.5 billion devices.

Building Dilbert SharePoint Hosted App with VS2013 & AngularJS

SharePoint hosted app for displaying and rating Dilbert comics; Author: Drasko Popovic; Updated: 6 Jun 2014; Section: SharePoint Server; Chapter: Enterprise Systems; Updated: 6 Jun 2014


Build Workflow Solutions for SharePoint Online

Build Workflow Solutions for SharePoint Online

Business Data Connectivity Model – Finder Method

Business Data Connectivity Model – Finder Method


Free javascript sharepoint popup calendar downloads - Collection of javascript sharepoint popup calendar freeware, shareware download - CSS and Javascript Fading Popup DHTML, ASP Calendar Control, Popup Calendar ...