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Stepping Outside the Breadbox: Meet Creative Chef Ilona Daniel

The chef profession is changing and evolving, probably faster than ever before in history. No longer are chefs hidden away in their kitchens. Today, many are taking the profession and their career to unheard-of heights.

PEI: Where to Eat - A Little Bit of Momsense

This week, to continue my 'Tips for Travelling to PEI' blog series, I am talking about one of my favourite things on the Island: Food. This is not going to be a complete list because there are so many excellent places to eat when you visit PEI.

Discovering PEI: Taking in the Sites - A Little Bit of Momsense

It's Friday again! Which means another post about our favourite places in PEI and tips to help guide you if you are considering your own vacation there. There are a lot of places to visit on the Island.

Family Travel to PEI: Make Summer Plans Now - A Little Bit of Momsense

It's booked! We are heading back to PEI this summer for our fourth family vacation there. If you've been following this blog, or my Twitter account for a while, you know that PEI holds a dear place in my heart. It's become the most fantastic travel spot for our family each summer.

Canada's most romantic hotels for Valentine's Day

It's almost V-D time, folks. As in Valentine's Day. Not the other kind of V.D. We all could use a getaway round about this time of year. And it's always good to impress your significant other. With that in mind, here's one well-travelled guy's list of some of the most romantic hotels in Canada.

Charlottetown, P.E.I. offers great winter escape

Consider the coastal winter wonderland Charlottetown offers a host of winter fun options, from strolling the boardwalk to romantic evening skating on the outdoor rinks, to cross-country skiing. And, there is no shortage of festivals to celebrate this coastal winter wonderland -- starting with the Jack Frost Winterfest, February 28 to March 2.

Travel Spotlight on Charlottetown and Its 17 Best Attractions

Hopper's travel guide to Charlottetown features info and photos on its 17 best attractions, restaurants and hotels, and has travel tips from local bloggers.

48 Hours In Charlottetown | Travel Mindset

Day one Breakfast's at this Canadian chain restaurants are excelent, and always come served with heaps of fresh fruit. Portons are huge, healthy, and delicious. You can't go wrong at Cora's. Take a stroll around downtown Charlottetown and enjoy browsing in the many cool little indie boutiques, vintage stores, and bookstores.

The Land of Cousins? ~ Saltscapes Magazine

Written by Terry punch. Photography © This article was published in the January/February 2011 issue.. I went to PEI to speak about one thing, and came home pondering another. This autumn took me to Summerside, PEI, to speak at the Eptek Art and Culture Centre.

Why Charlottetown Is the No. 1 Place to See in 2014

The new icon of the recently rebranded Prince Edward Island Brewing Company is a top hat. It's drawn a touch off-kilter and with a silhouette of a beer bottle above its brim. Students of Canadian politics will instantly connect the image to the father of the nation, who could look dapper or dishevelled, depending on his level of sobriety.

Black Garlic and Independent Ladies

When you're offered garlic that's blacker than coal, you eat it. Why? Because if you don't, you'll never know the sweet balsamic-y glory of black garlic. At least, Al Pickett's black garlic on PEI. A former beekeeper, Al now operates Eureka Garlic, and plants over 70 varieties of organic garlic on just ¾ of an acre of land in Kensington.

Barnyard Organics

Our first stop off the bridge was Barnyard Organics, a 550 acre organic farm in Freetown, run by Mark and Sally Bernard. The farmland has been in the family for decades, beginning with Mark's grandfather. It has seen several uses since then, including a traditional mixed farm, a dairy, and a classic PEI potato operation.

Lucy Maud's Land

I've dreamt about PEI since I was a little girl. It is, after all, the setting of Road to Avonlea, a show I grew up on and continue to adore. While Anne of Green Gables was also a favourite, Avonlea really stuck to my heart.

A Prince of an Island | GypsyNester | Celebrating Life After Kids ™

Thanks to Road Scholar for providing this lifelong learning adventure through Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick! As always, all opinions are our own. You've heard the word picturesque, right? Trust us, this is not a word we throw around lightly - it's a bit fancy-schmancy for everyday use.

Fives on the Fly

With our two months on Prince Edward Island coming to a close this week, we've been thinking back to our favorite experiences on the island. Here are a few of the things we will miss as we start heading west toward Glacier National Park in the coming weeks.

A Quick Bite of Charlottetown: Where to eat in Charlottetown

To find out more on where to eat in Charlottetown visit My time on Prince Edward Island was far too short but it also reminded me that I need to spend more time in Canada. Things are changing and people are creating some really interesting food here.

Bluefin Tuna Chef Gordon Bailey, Lot 30 Restaurant in Charlottetown PEI Discusses Using It

Read the original post about my conflicting review of Lot 30 and their sustainable fishing issues by serving bluefin tuna at Transcript here: All we want to do is like cook the best like regional and locally focused food without being like too much of that farm to table.

How to put a lobster to sleep

How to put a lobster to sleep is actually quite easy to do, discover more here: I'm back on the East Coast of Canada for a couple of days for a conference but it's not all work. Today I was invited to check out The Culinary Institute of Canada's Culinary Boot Camp.

Charlottetown in Winter

(Blogged about here: I had a lot of fun with "Charlottetown at Night," which I shot one night last fall, and knew I wanted to do it again. So, I got my hands on a 7D and hit the streets again. I went out on Islander Day, a provincial holiday, so the streets are relatively bare.

Charlottetown Dining

We certainly made our way around rural PEI, and I honestly think it might be some of my favourite countryside in all of Canada. The rust-coloured ground makes the grass look a richer shade of emerald green, and the colours contrast the bright blue sky perfectly.

The Bottle Houses

As Dana and I travelled, we made a point of stopping when something looked interesting. A teeny tiny church, a giant goose, that sort of thing. While on PEI, we drove past a driveway with a 10 foot tall wine bottle at its entrance. So we stopped.

The Bottle Houses

As Dana and I travelled, we made a point of stopping when something looked interesting. A teeny tiny church, a giant goose, that sort of thing. While on PEI, we drove past a driveway with a 10 foot tall wine bottle at its entrance. So we stopped.

Island Forest Foods

Though they are both born and raised islanders, I first met Marcia and Darcy Beck many years ago in Halifax. She was getting her business degree, and he was completing an English/History/Education degree. Fast forward a few years, and they are now two of the co-founders of Canada's first commercial-scale permaculture farm in Brookvale, PEI.

The Day We Called A Tow Truck

A road trip isn't a road trip unless you're forced to call a tow truck at least once. After seven provinces and two territories of smooth car sailing, we finally had to call CAA and admit we were stuck. Stuck in PEI's beautiful, rich, red mud. Stuck real good.

Raspberry Point Oyster Company

Oysters. Raw, slimy, cold oysters. I've never met a soul who is indifferent about oysters: you either love them or hate them.