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Instructional Design

Sites I run across with great ideas on instructional design.

E-Learning Provocateur

Academia is teeming with learning theories. Some of them are old, some of them are new. Some are flash-in-the-pan, others stand the test of time and remain applicable to this very day. Some of them are controversial, while others have assumed the aura of conventional wisdom.

Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas Founder of Currently, the The eLearning Industry's Network . eLearning Industry has a network of more than 75,000 professionals involved in the eLearning Industry and runs the following sites: ► eLearning Infographics " The No.1 Source for the Best Education Infographics " ► eLearning Weekly " A free eLearning Weekly Newsletter round-up of eLearning news and articles " ► The eLearning Industry " The Leading e-Learning Portal for professionals involved in the e-Learning Industry.

Ideas For Designing Non-linear eLearning

You probably agree that most eLearning courses are designed in a linear format. That is, users of these courses must complete one section prior to continuing to the next. In linear approaches, the sequence of learning events is determined by the instructional designer rather than the learner.

All of us are smarter than any of us...

Having spent the last few weeks exploring what's wrong with lessons learned, it's time to turn our attention towards the elements that contribute to successful organisational learning. As we piece this puzzle together, one of the most important principles to bear in mind is that of knowing your customer.

Mobile Learning 101: Everything an Instructional Designer Needs To Know

Mobile Learning 101: Everything an Instructional Designer Needs To Know The web is abuzz with talks of mobile learning. With its rise come many benefits , from higher productivity to better engagement. But with all the noise or constant stream of data online, it's difficult to find really useful information.

5 Instructional Design Traps to Avoid

Thursday, 24 April 2014 18:46 Excellent e-Learning is built on solid instructional design decisions. But for those of us without the budgetary luxury of an in-house instructional designer, tackling instructional design is sometimes easier said than done. We're here to stop you from falling into these 5 common instructional design traps!

21 Brilliant Resources for Up-skilling Learning Designers

We, like many out there, are of the view that, though most learning designers possess good levels of skills around the traditional training (formal learning) area, their skill levels fall short around the informal or social learning areas. This is mainly because designing informal and social learning experiences for workplaces demands a diverse and unique set of qualities.

Conditions of Learning - Gagne

This theory stipulates that there are several different types or levels of learning. The significance of these classifications is that each different type requires different types of instruction. Gagne identifies five major categories of learning: verbal information, intellectual skills, cognitive strategies, motor skills and attitudes.

5 Things Teachers Can Learn From Video Games

Players of video games learn how to strategize and how to perform sometimes complex actions in order to achieve a goal. I believe we can all learn to engage students through studying video games. Here are 5 things we can learn from video games and adapt to the classroom.