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9 top alternatives to Peat Alternatives

Top 9 alternatives to peat

Here I will curate and collect the top useful articles on what on the market at the moment and will give a review of what to get .
And by adding your views and sharing we will provide a better insight to both the grower and the amateur


As Uses of Biochar Expand, Climate Benefits Still Uncertain by Mark Hertsgaard: Yale Environment 360

Research shows that biochar made from plant fodder and even chicken manure can be used to scrub mercury from power plant emissions and clean up polluted soil. The big question is whether biochar can be produced on a sufficiently large scale to slow or reverse global warming.

Biocharculture book

Written by Dr. N. Sai Bhaskar Reddy this is first edition.. the second edition with photographs will be released soon..

Potting Mix with a Twist, Biochar could replace peat moss in horticulture

Uploaded by Oregon State University on 2013-10-28.

Biochar Trial Update, Charging Biochar & a Rock Dust Field Trial?

On February 15th, I'll be starting an indoor biochar trial, in which I'll compare plants grown in a potting mix that includes biochar versus the same plants grown in a similar potting mix with no biochar.

Short-term effects of biochar on soil heavy metal mobility are controlled by intra-particle diffusion and soil pH inc...

Biochar, the solid product of biomass pyrolysis, can be used as a soil amendment to stabilize metals in contaminated soils. The effects of biochar on the mobility of metals in soils are, however, poorly understood.

Community gardening groups get £50,000 incentive to use peat-reduced growing media / RHS Gardening

Gardening groups to get £50,000 to encourage use of peat-free growing media 16 January 2014 In an initiative by the RHS and Defra, £50,000 is being made available to help community gardening groups use less peat-based growing media.

Soil Ameliorants, Tree Planting Compost and Topsoil Products from Melcourt Industries

Playbark, Mulch, Landscape and Equestrian Products from Melcourt Industries. Specialists in the supply of Compost, topsoil, walk ,play and bark surfaces. Supplied for the grower, equestrian, filtration and reptile bedding markets.

Welcome to the UKBRC

Latest News & Developments EGU 2014: Strategies for Effective Soil Carbon Sequestration The proposed session for the European Geosciences Union (EGU) conference 27th April-2nd May 2014 has been approved. The deadline for submission of abstracts is JANUARY 16th. The drivers for research of biochar, charcoal and wildfire PyC research differ in their context and history.

” For peat sake choose another compost ” | IDogardening4U

Have you  ever been confused on what to buy now since the Department of Environment  Food & Rural  Affairs ie DEFRA along with the Royal Horticultural society  are  calling  out  to  us  gardeners  &  Horticulturist For  Peat sake Choose  another  compost Well  I'm  here  to  ease  your  worries  as  I  have  done  extensively  researched  each…

Mulching alternatives

What are the different types of mulching material

Here is extensive guide to the different types of mulching material you can buy whole sale ie that come in big bags

How to Make Your Own Seed Starting Mix

Here is an awesome guide from Mr -fothergills on how to make your own compost

How to make your own seed starter compost

Here is awesome guide on how to make your own seed starting compost from MR Fothergill

What's best: Multipurpose, Potting, Seed Compost? - Fertile Fibre

What's in the different types of compost? Should you use potting, multipurpose or seed compost? Get expert explanation and tips.