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Headline for Cthulhu
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Bring a little Cthulhu to your world....

Weird Tales

Once upon a time I was weird. Well... let me phrase that better. I love to read. Have always loved to read. As a teen, I would rather read than anything else. Losing myself in fantastic stories was my escape (keep in mind.. I'm a girl and it was the late 70's early 80's...

Cthulhu Costumes

HP Lovecraft detailed the Cthulhu Mythos in his books and stories. Since then, a number of other writers have taken the stories and expanded on them.... The Cthulhu Mythos states that there are Two basic Types of gods.... Outer Gods that control the Universe, and are mostly unknowable.

Steampunk Cthulhu

Combining Genres is not uncommon, think about space westerns like Firefly. But generally genres get combined when they have a similar goal. The setting is not important, it's the intent. Cowboys ride the range, deal with bad guys and have an underlying ethical code.

Cthulhu Jewelry

Cthulhu Jewelry is perfect for anyone who prefers dark and mysterious over sweet and cuddly. That's not to say that this jewelry is ugly. in fact, there is an elegant beauty to all of it. Take a look at the Kraken Ear Wrap. the way it curls around the...

Cthulhu Goes Tiki!!!

A Cthulhu Tiki Mug?!? What an absurd combination! But, think about it for a second.....According to HP Lovecraft, the dark lord Cthulhu is imprisoned in the underwater prison R'lyeh, somewhere in the Pacific off the coast of South America. AND according to legend (and Thor Heyerdahl) the god Tiki sailed from South America to the island in the South Pacific.

Cthulhu Stickers and Decals

Cthulhu stickers and Decals are perfect for anyone who is sick to death of those cute stick people family decals and honor student stickers on the back of minivans. If being sweet and adorable is NOT your style, consider a Great Old One instead! Show off y...