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Link Roundup 1/16

10 Ways to Immediately Invest in Your Nonprofit Organization

If we ran our lives like we run our NPOs, many of us would be in huge trouble. Don't believe me? Let's apply nonprofit-logic to some day-to-day life choices: 1. Don't go to college if it's not 100% covered by scholarships! That's costly overhead! Where are the short term rewards?

LinkedIn Launches Volunteer Marketplace for Nonprofits

To help nonprofits recruit qualified volunteers and to assist individuals eager to volunteer with nonprofits, LinkedIn has launched a Volunteer Marketplace where nonprofits can post volunteer opportunities and LinkedIn members can search for volunteer opportunities in their local communities.

Content Marketing Can be King For Donors

The NonProfit Times - January 14, 2014More than nine out of 10 nonprofit marketers, or 92 percent, use content marketing, but only 26 percent consider themselves effective at it. One-quarter has a documented content strategy. Those are some of the results of a survey released by the Content Marketing Institute of Cleveland, Ohio, and Charleston, S.C.

Benefits of Blogging | Social Media Today

Mary Green Getting results from social media can mean more traffic for your website, a bigger fanbase, more sales for products, or more awareness for your brand. Every company that is considering social media needs to define their own goals. Once they have defined their goals, it's time to consider using blogging to enhance the results.

Meeting the challenge of diversity in tech

The technology industry has a problem. It's not a new one but one that the importance of which only grows and expands. This problem is that of diversity in the tech industry. The tech world is not diverse. The computer industry in particular is a disappointing offender.

For Community-based Nonprofits: Local Government Politics is a Must Do

All over the United States, nonprofits are beginning to realize that they must have some kind of vision when it comes to their relationship with local governments. Sometimes that can start from a defensive place, but we better have a game plan. This is the second of a series of summaries written by NPQ newswire writers.

This Is What Nonprofits Need More Than a Facebook 'Donate' Button

So Facebook announced a new feature allowing Facebook users a frictionless way to donate to their favorite nonprofit. A few nonprofits currently have the feature on their Facebook Pages, and more will start using it as it rolls out to a greater audience. At first glance, this seems like a total win for nonprofits!

The Global Information Internship Program

The Global Information Internship Program (GIIP, pronounced "jeep") is a fabulous program at UCSC, which allows undergraduates to fund and work on projects they are passionate about in the areas of global social justice and sustainability. This video helps to explain more about GIIP, so students can find out how to get more involved.

Café Impact: How-To Convert Your Convictions into a Career | Dowser

Café Impact is democratizing access to careers of conscience. Jonathan Lewis brings together nonprofit leaders and social entrepreneurs to give you the career-building skills you need to change the world. Are you seeking fulfillment and happiness in the social change world? At this point in your life, are you called to give back?

Twitter / giipucsc: Best time to share to #Pinterest ...

Best time to share to #Pinterest #sm4np #nptech

Marriage Counseling for IT and Communications: Get Better Results Together | NTEN

With the increase in sophistication of digital communications and the onslaught of data available to communications professionals, the opportunity to deliver more effective results is at the tip of our fingers. However, managing and planning for the systems, data, and analysis of these complex communications is a challenge.

This Isn't Your Grandma's Online Fundraising | NTEN

The online donation form is now a teenager. The late 1990s saw the rise of ecommerce and along with it the first few philanthropic forms to accept donations on the internet. From those first few clicks to the latest multichannel campaign, online giving has continued to grow and change the nonprofit sector.

5 mobile apps for humanitarian aid workers

The Global Emergency Overview app. Target audience: NGOs, nonprofits, cause organizations, foundations, social enterprises, aid workers, journalists. Last week, I wrote a post on 10 Nonprofit Productivity Apps to Try in 2014, and it prompted a great discussion with a colleague regarding which apps could actually help humanitarians working in the field.

INFOGRAPHIC: Pinterest for Nonprofits

If your nonprofit is looking for a social network to share photographs, infographics, illustrations and other visual content, look no further than Pinterest. Create boards and share pins that illustrate your nonprofit's mission. If your organization is new to Pinterest, or if you need a few pointers, check out our blog post on Pinterest for nonprofits.

The system is failing, hack the system

We live in an unsustainable world. Our climate is warming. Our food system is failing. Our clean water sources are drying up. But fear not, social entrepreneurs are here to the rescue! They are our socially-minded heroes using the market, building businesses and offering us products and services that will save the world.

10 Big, Recent Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Changes You Should Know for a Better Social Media strategy

Social media changes so fast that we often miss the small differences on each platform we use. Every now and then I find it really useful to do a roundup of what's been changing on the big networks lately. Here are ten changes I found that took place in the last couple of months, which [...]

10 Awesome Infographics to Guide your Marketing Plan for 2014

Infographics seem to be getting more and more popular lately. They're certainly fun to look at, and they convey useful information in a format that's fast and easy to digest. One thing to keep in mind with infographics is that they're generally static-unlike blog posts, they're rarely updated as new information becomes available.

Aspirations of the Energy Poor is the Key for Solar to Thrive

By Cindy Nawilis, community & operations lead The argument I often hear from people playing the devil's advocate against solar is that solar lanterns can not fulfill the aspiration of the world's energy poor. In fact, here's a recent blog post from the Center of Global Development that precisely conveys this sentiment.

Somak Ghosh: A Contrarian Approach to Impact Investing | Dowser

Somak Ghosh was a founding member of YES Bank which, less than nine years after starting its operation, is now the fourth largest private sector bank in India. Last year he stepped down from his role at Motilal Private Equity to launch a new venture capital fund, Contrarian Capital , targeting underpenetrated markets in India.