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Montessori Education

These are the blogs related to child care and early education

Who Is Responsible For Teaching Values To Our Children?

Every parent wants to teach their child core values so they are able to grow up and become a productive member of society. We all wish our children to be responsible, caring and sensitive adults who show love and compassion to their fellow man.

Signs That Your Child is Ready For Preschool

Preschool is a big step for any child, and you want to be sure to prepare your child as much as possible beforehand in order to insure their success. Young children can become quite nervous or scared to enter into a preschool environment.

Nurturing Your Child's True Potentials

Every child has something special hidden deep within them. Traditional education doesn't necessarily bring these skills to the surface. It focuses on going to college, getting a degree, and getting a job. Creative has very little place in traditional education. Systems like the Montessori system focus on allowing each child to grow.

How is Montessori Different From Traditional Education?

The Montessori education system has a number of profound differences when compared to traditional education. It's often at odds with traditional education systems. Recently, a number of websites and publications have released comparisons on the two. Whilst there's no way to tell what's 'best', each has its own merits.

Famous Montessori Graduates [Infographics]

The Montessori education system sparks creativity, initiative and self-confidence. Look at some of the famous people who have studied under the Montessori system.

Early Child Care Education

A child's early education is a very crucial factor when it comes to the child's development. As a parent, you have a great role to play in order to have your child at the top in all spheres of life. Setting a strong educational foundation is the best

Toddler Care for Your Child

Creativity in your toddler's life is a very pertinent element for a healthy growth. Creativity in toddler care programs is well developed using music, painting, drawing, games, playing and other artistic activities that are recommended by the child caregivers. Essentially, a kid who has developed a creative mind in singing, playing and play-acting ...

Mother's Role in Early Education

Young parents might find this article strange, but please read on to understand what I am saying. This may be you first child, or you might not have enough experience in bringing up a kid through early education starting from birth to three years of age.