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Oral heatlh care tips

Gum Disease Linked to Sedentary Lifestyle and Poor Diet

Many people make losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle their goal for the New Year, especially after relaxing and overeating over the holidays. We at the Main Street Dental Team tell our patients that if they want to maintain good oral health, they should put down the remote, step away from the computer, start an exercise routine, and improve their diet.

Tips for Dental Decay & Bad Breath

Sugar, from a dental perspective, can be a major instigator in the slippery slope to dental decay. Is there a way to enjoy sweet treats without compromising your dental health? Yes, and in fact, there's a sweet solution that dentists actually endorse!

Tooth Stain -Factors Causing Tooth Stains

It all starts with our genetic makeup. Teeth get their color from dentin, the material that composes the principal mass of teeth, located under the enamel (outer layer). Dentin itself can be yellowish, or even appear gray or brown, and reflects through the transparent enamel to affect how white your teeth look.

About Dental Crowns - Symptoms & Procedure

While our goal here at your dental practice is to help you achieve and maintain great oral health, we'd like to make sure you know how necessary dental procedures can also improve your smile in a cosmetic sense.

Visiting your Dentist not in case of Toothache

News From the Office of: Dr. Shirley Ho Dr. Harvey E. Schwartz Welcome to the latest issue of our newsletter. We're pleased to have this opportunity to say hello, and to provide dental updates you and your family may find helpful.

Impact of Oral Piercing on oral health

Oral piercing, because of the millions of bacteria in the mouth, brings a high risk of pain, swelling and infection. Piercing the tongue can lead to uncontrollable bleeding, nerve damage, and even enough swelling to block the airway.

Replace Missing Teeth

If you're missing one (or more) of your front teeth, you will most likely - from a cosmetic standpoint - want to fill the space as soon as possible. A missing back tooth usually doesn't result in the same urgency, but there are very good reasons why you still need to replace any missing back teeth (even if it's not as visible as a missing front tooth).

Reasons for Tooth Decay

In many cases tooth decay initiates, not because of what type of food you put in your mouth, but because of the length of time a food or beverage is in contact with your teeth. After having a meal, snack or drink, the bacteria in plaque release acids that attack the enamel surfaces of your teeth.

Symptoms of tooth enamel damage

News From the Office of: Dr. Shirley Ho Dr. Harvey E. Schwartz Greetings to all our patients! We hope you enjoy this latest update from our office. Our dental newsletter provides important information on the link between your general health and your oral health.

Root Canals - Procedure, Symptoms, Care during Root Canal

Information about root canal symptoms, procedure, pain and signs that root canal is required. Root canal is treatment used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed


Wise advice on wisdom teeth

Wise advice on wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth, also called third molars, typically erupt once all other teeth are in place and there is no more room in your mouth to accommodate four more back teeth.