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Cheap Golf Gag Gifts

Golfers like a laugh as much as the next man! Here's a list of some cheap golf gag gifts for the golf nut in your life.


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Browse our unique selection of golf gifts. Golf gifts from the funny to the executive. Find that special golf gift.Laugh at our original golf cartoons and jokes

Remote Control Golf Ball-Great Gag Gift

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Exploding Golf Ball Prank, Golf Gag Gift, Trick Golf Ball - The exploding golf ball looks identical to a real golf ball, except this one is filled with a smoke-like powder.

Golf Pranks

Golf is known as a gentleman's game. A game of class and dignity. It's time for that to change. These golf gag gifts and pranks are sure to lighten up the mood during what can be a real stressful game. Our collection of funny golf gifts is perfect for golf enthusiasts of any age, gender or experience.

Cheap Golf Gag Gifts

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Cheap Golf Gag Gifts

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Cheap Golf Gag Gifts

Here are a few golf gag gift suggestions to make the golfer in your life chuckle - and they are all very reasonably priced too!


Golfers just love gadgets. Anything that can shave a couple of shots off their round will be considered as either a wise investment or a welcome gift, depending upon who buys it. There are an incredible assortment of golf related gadgets, gizmos, training aids and general paraphernalia - so there's no shortage of options for you to choose from if you're looking for a gift.

Cheap Golf Gag Gifts

cheap golf gag gifts