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Overexposure to Radiation from Phones, Wi-Fi, etc.

Exploring the possible risks and dangers of radiation from cellular and wireless devices. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, smart phones, etc. As more of these devices enter our homes and we become more dependent on wireless services, it is important to learn if there are risks involved and how to minimize them.

Why You Should Avoid Over Exposure to Cell Phones & Wi-Fi

By Dr. Mercola "It may take some sort of catastrophe to get people's attention," said Frank Clegg, former president of Microsoft Canada and founder of Canadians 4 Safe Technology, referring to the increasing saturation of Wi-Fi technologies on the public at large, and especially, children.

Technical Aspects of Electromagnetic Radiation - Larry Gust, Eng., BBEC, MBA

Larry Gust presents his slides with voiceover of the fundamentals of electromagnetic fields. This is an expanded version of the education presented at the NY Open Center on the panel, "How to Protect Ourselves and Growing Children from Electromagnetic Fields". For more information about Larry Gust see

WiFi Radiation - Dangers of WiFi - See It Measured - How To Remediate WiFi Radiation

This video provides a simple, yet profound lesson. The radio frequency radiation being transmitted from your wireless router or modem is extremely toxic and detrimental to your health. Notice how high the measurements are on the RF meter! Most of us are living and working in this type of RF radiation exposure every single day and night.


BLUETOOTH RADIATION MAY BE MORE DANGEROUS THAN CELL PHONE RADIATION Andrew Goldsworthy is an Honorary Lecturer in Biology at Imperial College London.

4 Ways Your Smartphone Is Hurting Your Health

Hardly a month goes by these days without a new study revealing that smartphones are either A) ruining your life, or B) not. We've all heard about the potential link between cellphone use and brain tumors.

National Cancer Institute

A fact sheet that outlines the available evidence regarding use of cellular/mobile telephones and cancer risk.

EWG's Guide to Safer Cell Phone Use

EWG's 2012 guide to cell phone radiation summarizes the new research and the lack of protective government standards for phone radiation. Recommendations to consumers including taking steps to reduce their exposures to cell phone radiation by holding phones away from their bodies, using earpieces and following the other simple tips in our guide.

Bluetooth Radiation

Is Bluetooth Radiation Really Dangerous? While the 'official' word is that radiation from Bluetooth Headsets and other Bluetooth Devices is too low to be considered dangerous to humans, that thinking might be just a little flawed.

Stop Smart Meters In Massachusetts

'Smart' meters wirelessly transmit granular usage data to utilities and 3rd parties in as small as one-minute increments, have two antennas, receive and implement instructions, can control thermostats/appliance, etc. and make remote shut-off possible. What does 'smart' meter data indicate? It is the same size and shape as you old meter.