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Parasites in Dogs and Puppies

Parasites and worms in dogs and puppies can be horrible for your pet. This list should help you learn all you can about these pesky pests.

Parasitic Diarrhea (Giardiasis) in Dogs

Print Giardiasis in Dogs Giardiasis refers to an intestinal infection that is caused by the protozoan parasite giardia, which is the most common intestinal parasite that is found in humans. Dogs develop the infection by ingesting infectious offspring (cysts) that are shed in another animal's feces.

Intestinal Parasites In Your Dog And What To Do About Them

How Will I Know If My Dog Has Worms ? How Will My Veterinarian Check For Worms In My Dog Or Puppy ? Are These Parasites A Serious Health Problem For My Dog Or Puppy ? A Bit More About Each Individual Intestinal Parasite Hookworms Roundworms Giardia Coccidia Tapeworms Strongyloides Whipworms Cryptosporidium My Dog Scoots or Licks Its Rear .

Intestinal Worms in Dogs (and Cats) 101

Print Learn about the different types of worms in dogs (and cats) here ... roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, whipworms. Your veterinarian can check your pet's stool sample to be certain pets do not harbor intestinal parasites such as you see here. Worms in Dogs (and Cats)! Why does the veterinarian want to check a stool sample?

Intestinal Parasite (Coccidia) in Dogs

Print Coccidiosis in Dogs Coccidiosis is a parasitic type of infection, caused by the coccidium, that most commonly causes watery, mucus-based diarrhea in dogs. If it is not treated, over time it can cause damage to the lining of the dog's intestinal tract. With treatment, the prognosis is good.

How to Identify Different Dog Worms

If not treated, roundworms may result in death, so noticing their presence is important for ensuring your dog's optimal health. Be aware that there are often no signs indicating that your dog may have roundworms (Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonina). However, you can look for the following possible symptoms: Swollen/bloated stomach Diarrhea and vomiting Dull coat Weight loss or poor growth.

Ceaser Milan on Dog Worms

Ceaser discusses dog worms. How to detect and treat them.