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Updated by Andrew Dal on Oct 22, 2014
Headline for Data Protection and Computer Security
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Data Protection and Computer Security

A list of things you need to protect yourself against cyber threat and protecting your data.

Restricting Your Apple Gadget to a Single App for Your Child's Safety

Guided Access, which was introduced in iOS 6, is a feature that enables parents, teachers, and also people with disabilities to lock down their device's use to a single app only, and allows them to set which app features are available.

How Would You Know If Someone Else is Using Your Wireless Connection

Whether you're experiencing a slower than normal Internet connection or you simply feel that it's unfair that your neighbor is using your connection for free, it doesn't hurt to check if someone else is using your WiFi connection once in a while. Another concern that may also bother you is that someone has already gained...

Guide for Tech Lovers

There are quite a number of operating systems in use today. Some use the Linux system, a portion uses Mac systems, and the vast majority uses Windows as their system of choice. Of the entire Windows version available, Windows XP was unrivalled. It was the operating system widely perceived as the best of it all.

Computer Security "Keeping Things Up To Date"

When I asked some people about keeping their computers up to date, only 2 out of 10 agreed that it's very important. The rest of them did not know exactly how to keep everything updated, or with their limited computer knowledge, they just said "Oh, is that an antivirus?"

The Best Way to Protect your Computer Against Cyber Threats " SUPPORTrix Blog

Electronic devices today are such a big part of our lives that it's hard to imagine what we once did without them. However, our constant use of technology to keep in touch, pay bills, stay on top of the news, shop and research things also has its disadvantages.

3 Steps on How to Have a Secure Internet Life " SUPPORTrix Blog

They say that the Internet is a maze. It's teeming with hackers, wannabes, and thieves. And as Internet users, we should do everything we need to take care of our privacy and security. Most of us arm our systems with antivirus software, but we also know that these precautions are still not enough when you are roaming around the Internet.