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List of NoSQL Article

It just my own list of Important NoSQL Resource

Build a real-time polls application with Node.js, Express, AngularJS, and MongoDB

Build a polling application that updates in real-time as votes roll in. The app I created has a simple architecture that uses JavaScript for everything. Node.js and Express power the back-end, and MongoDB stores the app's data. At the front-end, AngularJS and Bootstrap power the user interface, with Web Sockets enabling the voting to update clients in real-time.

Challenges in Mirroring Large MySQL Systems to HBase - Data@Scale

Todd Eisenberger, software engineer at Dropbox, discusses how the company has built a system to successfully scale its data achiving using MySQL and HBase. Todd has spent the last few years working on Dropbox's MySQL and caching layers and file metadata systems.

Some fun with Redis Cluster testing

One of the steps to reach the goal of providing a "testable" Redis Cluster experience to users within a few weeks, is some serious testing that goes over the usual "I'm running 3 nodes in my macbook, it works".

Big Data Benchmark

This benchmark measures response time on a handful of relational queries: scans, aggregations, joins, and UDF's, across different data sizes. Keep in mind that these systems have very different sets of capabilities. MapReduce-like systems (Shark/Hive) target flexible and large-scale computation, supporting complex User Defined Functions (UDF's), tolerating failures, and scaling to thousands of nodes.

Real-Time Integration Between MongoDB and SQL Databases | MongoDB

Many companies have huge investment in Data Warehouse and BI tools and want to leverage those investments to process data collected by applications in MongoDB. For example, a company may need to blend clickstream data collected by distributed MongoDB data storage with personal data from Oracle into the Data Warehouse system or Analytics platform to provide timely marketing reports.

Exploring synchronous replication in Redis

Redis uses streamed asynchronous replication, that's one of the simplest forms of replication you can imagine: a continuos stream of writes is sent to the slaves, without waiting for the slaves to process the writes in any way before replying to the client.

Gazel | key/value store for the browser

A high performance key/value store for the browser modeled after Redis.

High Performance, High Scale MongoDB on AWS: A Hands On Guide | MongoDB

MongoDB is one of the fastest growing NoSQL workloads on AWS due to its simplicity and scalability, and recent product additions by the AWS team have only improved those traits. Join us for a deep-dive on MongoDB best practices, including installation, configuration, orchestration, performance, and durability optimization, as well as operational management using tools from AWS and 10gen.

Cassandra Data Modeling Best Practices

Cassandra Data Modeling Best Practices talk at DataStax Cassandra South Bay Meetup -

MongoHQ Blog

Going "Best Prac­tice" on any topic is an expan­sive state­ment. But, we will give it a go with some high level anti-​​patterns and best prac­tices. Some best prac­tices will be gen­eral state­ments about the per­for­mance of MongoDB. Index­ing Constraints The fol­low­ing con­straints are in affect as of Mon­goDB 2.4.x series.

Building Web Applications with MongoDB: An Introduction | MongoDB

This talk will introduce the features of MongoDB, including the basics of MongoDB's document model, query language, and deployment architecture.

Skills Matter : The London Clojure Community:Machine Learnin

The London Clojure Community:Machine Learning with Storm + Redis: Join the London Clojure User Group for their monthly get together in May. Yodit Stan

Best Practices for Virtualizing Apache Hadoop

Join this webinar to discuss best practices for designing and building a solid, robust and flexible Hadoop platform on an enterprise virtual infrastructure. Att

Hacking Redis: Adding Interval Sets

Redis bills itself as a data structure server directly on its homepage; indeed, the project provides a myriad of data structures accessible in a key-value interface. In fact, Redis provides many key components that one might desire in a remote data structure server: a fast asynchronous networking layer, a reference-counting based memory management layer, multiple built-in persistence strategies, and immediate client support for new commands (for some clients, anyway).

WordPress Caching with Nginx and Redis

When I first started hosting my own sites, I had no idea what caching was or why it was important. Then I wrote a couple of popular blog posts, and my server crashed. Fast forward a few years, and I'm running a few different websites on a few different servers.

Redis as the primary data store? WTF?!

Redis is a key-value in memory data store typically used for caches and other such mechanisms to speed up web applications. We however store all our data in Redis as our primary database. The web is abound with warnings and cautionary tales about going this route.


Redis Cluster demo