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Internet Tips

Online tips and tricks, latest updates and many more useful things.

Wishpicker - An Amazing Startup that Helps You Decide What to Gift

No matter what the occasion is, all of us are always looking for the best gifts for our loved ones. Most of us get confused when it comes to deciding what to gift to our loved ones and this is what Wishpicker is going to rescue you from.

How to Identify Your Photograph Being Used Somewhere

Have you ever thought - how much bad you feel when you worked till hours to create unique and creative pictures for uploading on Flickr, Pinterest or on other popular social media sites and one day you saw your photo being used on one big Website with no any credit to your profile?

A Simple Way to Find Out the IP Address of Email Sender

I know finding IP address of email sender is a very simple thing, because whenever we send an email message to anyone then few unwanted information goes along with our message which is known as header information. Header information involves IP address, which is also one of the most secrete thing of any user.

How to Secure, Control and Track Your Sent Gmail Attachments

Gmail is the most precious gift for the people provided by Google. It is the best Email Client in the world and this is the reason we all are well familiar with the usefulness and work perfectness of Gmail.

Top 50 Funny Remixed Logos with Slogans of iconic Brands

After publishing so many tech article, tips and tricks, step by step tutorials and latest updates regularly, I decided to share something funny & mind-refreshing article with the my lovely readers of HowToUncle. We all know that logo with slogan is a very strategic element for any brand because it makes it that much easier to increase consumers assumption rate and desirability.

How to Hide or Restore All Tabs with Single Click in Chrome

I have experienced, many people open and use several type of websites and Blogs on their workplace or institution which is highly restricted to open there. Usually, some people grabbed by their boss or colleague while closing or opening these websites on their browser.

A Simple Way to Find Out if Your Gmail Account Was Hacked | How To Uncle

We all know that security is our first priority while working online or using any type of online account, and this is the reason we always like to visit on all those popular webpages where we feel secure.

Upload MP3 on YouTube in HD Using TunesToTube | How To Uncle

We all know very well that YouTube is the biggest, most renowned video-sharing website in the world and this is the reason everyone want to share their favourite videos, songs and other user-created videos on YouTube. Maybe you have also tried to upload MP3 on YouTube and became unable to upload.

3 Simple Ways to Check If an Email Address Is Real or Fake

We all know very well that Email accounts receive several spam messages each day, many of which are either from fake email addresses or from disposable email addresses. Everyone wants to keep their account safe from spam messages and this is the major reason we always wish to verify suspicious email addresses.

6 Most Useful Websites to Learn Coding Online

A few years back only some professional people were familiar with the programming languages but in present time the trend has been completely changed and maximum people are familiar with programming languages or keep the efficiency to learn programming languages.

How to Transfer Money through SBI Net Banking

banking is a system which allows you to perform banking activities at home through the internet. One of the greatest and useful benefits of online banking is that it offers you the independency to transfer money anytime anywhere without even visiting your Bank's branch.

How to Find Free and Full-Length Movies on YouTube

No doubt YouTube is the best, biggest and easiest video-sharing website in world because all type of videos collections are available on YouTube. This is the main reason that More than one billion unique users comes on YouTube every month.

6 Ultimate Educational Apps for Students

In this digital world every kid knows accessing computer/laptop or smartphones very well. Even sometimes kids know better than their parents about latest gadgets and other technology related stuff. If you are a student and using your android or iphone/ipad just for playing video game, listening songs, accessing facebook or twitter then you are losing the opportunity to learn a lot of things related to your study.

6 Most Useful Websites to Learn English Online

Learning English is one of the optimal decisions one can make in order to improve their communication skills. Because if you want to express your thought and knowledge in front of people then you will have to communicate with them, and for a good connection you must have good communication skills.

How to Activate SBI Internet Banking

Internet Banking has become most important assistant of peoples in these days, because whenever they wish to do something online like Transfer Money Online, Online Shopping, and online Bill Payment then they use Internet Banking. Internet Banking not only provides us the relief from standing till hours on banking counters along with a queue for withdrawing money but also it helps to save our time.

How to Search Emails by Attachments Size in Gmail | How To Uncle

Everyday receiving thousands of emails from various sources in Gmail may be a good thing for you but when the time comes to find a email attachment from these thousand emails then it may be a panic situation for you.

Distance By Train - The Best Way to Find Shortest Train Route

In India people are completely dependent on IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) for all the information related to Indian Railways such as online reservation, checking PNR status, finding trains between Stations, viewing train schedule, checking train berth availability, etc.

How to Find the Most Shared Links on Social Networks

In present time Social networks are the best way to know about what's most popular on the web. Most of the people live active on social media so they know what's latest trending articles being most shared on the internet.

6 Most Useful Free Tools to Schedule Twitter Tweets

We all know Twitter is the most popular micro-blogging website in the world which allows us to post tweets only up to 140 characters. The limit of 140 characters may be a little annoying for the users but they are still using or like to use it most.

Convert Your Scanned or Native PDF for Free Online

If you are ever in a bind at work and you need to extra data from a locked PDF so that you can use it further, there are many online tools that can help you to do that.

GoEuro - Find the Best Way to Travel in Europe

If you want to go for a European tour along with your family or friends and for that you are looking for the best way to travel in Europe then this article will help you a lot. In this article i am describing you about - how you can make your European journey easier and more enjoyable.

How to Compress Images without Losing Quality

If you are a web developer or working for any website then you would know very well about the importance of images in a smaller size. Images are one of the most responsible factors to increase page loading time of web pages and this is the main reason all the web developers or Bloggers want to use images of very less size to make blog or website faster.

Web Timer - Track How Much Time You Spend on Internet

Those days have gone when people were addicted to Books, outdoor games, theatre arts, and many other social activities. In these days all the people (kids, young and old) are addicted to only one thing that is called " ".

Appiance - Create Your Own Free Personal Browser

Most of the people want to use their own Personal Browser but very few of them know how to create and where to create own Personalized browser. If you are a regular visitor of this Blog then you will well familiar with the name of " MakeMyBrowser ".

2014 FIFA World Cup Giveaway: Vote and Win MacX Video Converter Pro

What you have planned for this FIFA World Cup? If you haven't planned anything then i am going to give you a interesting information and which is: A time-limited giveaway is waiting for you :) For all football fans, watching 2014 Brazil World Cup with family and friends is the most enjoyable thing to do.