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Androids Tips

Get Ultimate Androids Tips, latest updates related to android from here....!!

How to Remove Preloaded Apps from Android and iphone

ndroid phone has captured a wide area in the field of Smartphone all across the world. The various latest & amazing features are the reason of its huge demand. You can see - most of the latest Smartphone and tablet are coming with several preloaded apps, but people doesn't like these preloaded apps.

What is a Nandroid Backup and What are its Features?

All Android users know very well that Backing up data and all other files in android device is one of the most essential tasks. There are lots of free Android apps and tools are available on Internet to take the backup of android devices but the Nandroid Backup is completely different and greatly useful from them.

How to Know Who Tried to Unlock Your Android Phone

In these days Android Phone are available everywhere and in the hand of almost person but people are still excited to see the latest version of Android. This is the reason whenever anyone purchases a new Android phone then their friends start to check out all the apps and features provided with the Android.

How to Automatically Organize Files and Folders on Android

If you are an android user then you may notice one thing that whenever you download any files on your Android device then downloaded files get saved to downloads folder by default. Alike other android users you also download various new android apps, latest songs, video clips and many more things, then you can imagine about the difficulty of finding any specific apps or file from downloads folder.

How to Easily Install Custom Fonts on Android Device

Many people feel attraction towards android devices due to the various options of device's look customization according to their wish. If you are unknown from these things then you should know that you can easily change the look of your android device by using multiple wallpapers, themes, icons, appropriate fonts and by installing lots of free launchers.

Top 5 Android Apps to Save the Battery of Android Device

It doesn't matter how much expensive luxury android device you are using if the Battery Life of your device is not sufficient for you. Short battery life is one of the major issues that's been faced or still being faced by almost all the smartphone users around the world.

WhatsApp Lock - Protect Your WhatsApp Using Password Lock

There are lots of instant Messenger apps are available in market but WhatsApp has captured a wide area of smartphone users all across the world. Several amazing features of Whatsapp (messaging, photo sharing and video messaging etc) has attracted the heart of smartphone users and this is the main reason, people are not preferring to use traditional text SMS now in these days.

gFile - An Amazing Android File Manager (Gmail-Inspired UI)

File manager plays a vital role in Android devices and this is one of the most needed things for you, if you want a complete control over your device files. If you haven't a suitable file manager or tool then managing files on your Android device can be a great difficulty.

How to Control VLC Media Player From Your Android Device

Now in these days almost all the people prefer to spend their time in front of a computer or laptop in the place of TV. This is the reason they also prefer watching movies or listening songs on their computer from the comfort of warm cozy bed.

3 Ways to Download, Install, Play Android Apps & Games on PC

This is an unquestionable thing that Smartphones are playing a resuscitative role in people's life in these days. people are able to do most of the task through their Smartphones such as playing games, listening songs, calling, chatting & video chatting, accessing various webpages, Knowing Information ( IRCTC, recharge plans etc.), many other things and these are the reasons they prefer to spend maximum time on their Smartphones.

5 Useful Apps You Must Keep in Your Smartphone

We all invest such an extensive amount our time on our Smartphones nowadays, messages, music, social networking, looking at all the cool apps and amusements accessible. You may not be cognizant there are such a large number of apps out there that can really help you when calamity strikes and could perhaps even spare your life.

How to Install Flash Player on Android 4.4 Devices

In these days everyone is trying something new with their Android device because they wish to enjoy all the latest features and interesting apps of android. If you have bought a new Nexus 5 or just updated your old android device to the new Android 4.4 Kitkat and found that flash player is not working on your device then you will be very upset.

How to Install Nokia X Launcher on Any Android

Last month, Nokia released their most awaited Android device Nokia X. Nokia X is the first Android phone of Nokia, so it has come with so many surprising apps and features. The declaration of Nokia X wondered all the people because Nokia is now owned by the Microsoft and maximum Nokia smartphones are Windows Phone powered.

LockDown Pro - The Best Way to Lock Your Android Apps

In present time people's secret is hidden in their smartphones. Yeah, I am talking about all the personal information like messages, call logs, contacts, emails, notes, images, videos and many more things that are available in smartphone which people don't want to share with others.

Web PC Suite - Manage Android Contents on PC Wirelessly

All the android users have several android apps for different tasks but always they want to get something easier and special. The same situation is with transferring files between Android mobiles and PC. There are countless of ways to move files between Android mobiles and PC, but people are still looking for the easiest way.

How to Unlock Bootloader of Your Nexus Devices

You can notice that most of the Android device comes with the locked bootloader. It helps user to prevent from messing up their devices. But if you wish to install the custom recovery or custom ROM on your device then you can't do without unlocking the bootloader.

A Simple Guide to Unlock SIM on Galaxy S3 and Note 2

Have you ever thought - how much bad you will feel after purchasing expensive Smartphones when you will see that you are unable to make connection in a few countries or network providers? I hope you are thinking now that i am joking, but i am not joking it's true.

8 Best Apps for Your Home Theater

There are a few useful apps available on the market that you can use with your home theatre . These apps will help you to either enjoy your home theatre experience a little more, or to set up your home theatre Systems .

How to Root Any Android Device Without Using a PC

I have received lots of emails & comments and i noticed that most of the people are looking for a simple way to root their Android device. People feel very uncomfortable during rooting because usually maximum tutorials (guides) are little bit extensive and require some file to flash via recovery or by using a computer.

How to Recover Deleted Photos on Your Android Phone

Those days have gone when people use only digital camera to capture quality pictures during travelling, on the marriage ceremony, or on all other events. In these days maximum Smartphones comes with a high megapixel camera that is enough to capture HD quality pictures.

How to Lock or Hide Files on Galaxy S5 Without Using Any App

Galaxy S5 is the latest sensational model of Samsung mobile and comes with some extraordinary useful features. Like all other ordinary smartphones it doesn't force you to download or install third party apps for using particular features. The development team of Samsung galaxy s5 included several awesome features that make Galaxy S5 exceptionally superb and is one of them.

How to Install Google Apps on Cyanogenmod CM11 ROM

This is really good news for all Android users that Cyanogenmod CM11 ROM is now available for all the android devices. According to the review of android lovers it is one of the best customs ROM and comes with lots of excellent features.

6 Most Useful Apps For 2014 FIFA World Cup

Football fans this is the time to rejoice. Every other person who is not a fan should go find a huge rock to hide under. The most televised and watched event or rather program in the world is here. All eyes are focused on FIFA World Cup 2014 hosted by Brazil.

How to Root Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 on Android L Preview

As we all know, only few days back Google introduced the developer preview of New OS Android L. The preview is achievable for the users of and . Many nexus users have updated their device with the latest OS and many are still updating.

How Good is Nexus 6 in Comparison to Nexus 5

We are not going to irritate you putting the old wine in new bottle as we know you are equally aware about all the buzzed affairs regarding the upcoming Nexus 6. So, this time we have come with a comparative analysis between Nexus 6 and its predecessor Nexus 5.