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Electric Bike Motor Kit

This is a list of electric bike motor kit resources for environmentally conscious cycling nuts... like me.

DIY Electric Bike Conversion

Here is the kit used in the conversions. You have a rear wheel motor, controller, thumb operated throttle, on/off switch, brake levers with kill switches (not used), and battery to control cable. The motor in this kit is a 500 watt continuous, 1200 watt peak power geared motor especially suited for hills.

How to Build an Inexpensive Electric Bicycle

Edit Article Edited by Fitek, DifuWu, Teresa, Emmie and 12 others An electric bicycle can easily be built by taking an existing bicycle and adding five parts: 1) a motor, 2) a linkage from the motor to a wheel or pedals, 3) batteries, 4) a throttle and 5) a motor controller (the brain that regulates how much battery power to send to the motor based on the position of the throttle).

How To Build Yourself | ELECTRICBIKE.COM

So you want to build an electric hot rod the fast, easy and cheap way? Hub motor hod rodding is for you. Inevitably, new electric bike owners decide they want more power and speed out of their hub motor bikes. Hub motor power is such an entrancing thrill because its so quiet and intimidatingly smooth.

DIY E-bike: new motor 48v 1000w

Next E-Bike video Previous E-Bike video i have rebuilt my old design 3 times now and none of them worked too well, so i have purchased a wheel with a motor in the hub from ebay. size 26" power 1000W voltage 48v this video is a compilation of 5 days of tinkering.

Build Your Own DIY Electric Bike and Extend Your Range

Souping up your old steel frame to add a little extra speed and power in the form of an eBike isn't as difficult as you might think. Search Google and you'll quickly find at least 15 kits that come with the essentials: a motor, a motor controller, a throttle, and an e-brake, which start at [...]

Fast 2WD Electric Bicycle - Top Speed 50mph

Fast custom built 2 wheel drive electric bicycle by CORBINFIBER electric cycles. capable of high speeds on level roads with 37 mile range. Charge time is 2 hours. He's not selling the fast ones, only street legal ones. His contact info is below.

How do electric bikes work?

by Jonny O'Callaghan, 19 July 2011 Tired of turning up to work out of breath after a long bike ride? Why not let a motor do some of the legwork for you... Anyone who's ever ridden a bicycle with a dynamo light should get an idea of how electric bikes work.

Electric Bike Choice - Get The New Method Of Transportation With An Electric Bike

Get The New Method Of Transportation With An Electric Bike

Electric Bike Kits - Electric Bike Choice

Electric Bike Kits - Why get a whole new electric bike? Instead, outfit your bicycle with battery power. Click here to find out more.