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How to shoot a great video?

Every professional videographer has a Mattebox. A video matte box is essentially a little window shutter kind of an attachment that one can put over the lens to avoid stray light from any prominent light source.

Get your DSLR to bring you stunning Videos

DSLR has quickly earned the title of being one of the most popular professional cameras today. Make sure that you buy a Mattebox for DSLR because they are custom made. You can easily pick one from any online store that offers value matte box with home deliveries.

Shooting a mindful video

The camera is like the backbone, but for the flesh and blood, you have to rely on the accessories that come along with it. So, you must definitely get yourself a tripod and a lightweight mattebox. If you own a DSLR, you must get a DSLR mattebox that is specifically designed for it.

What do the Camera Experts say about film making?

Many things affect the overall quality of a video. There are a hundred tangible and intangible things that contribute to the ultimate outcome. A video is largely a reflection of one’s mood. If the videographer chooses to showcase something in particular, he can very well do it if he has the power of the right kind of mood setting.

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Making a video interesting: Hollywood secrets

Making a video interesting: Hollywood secrets

Along with that get a lightweight mattebox that can be fixed to the lens. You can purchase a value mattebox easily online. If you are looking for a studio mattebox, just do some research regarding the compatibility with your camera.

Bright Tangerine - The Only Matte Box You'll Ever Need.

At Bright Tangerine, we provide all types of matte box using the latest technology. They have been designed by our professionals. Please contact us on 44 2071937335 at Bright Tangerine.

The Mantra to create a profitable video

A commercially viable video is one that requires less investment and gives a higher return. This means while developing a video one has to ensure that focus of spending is only on the equipment and so much on the subject itself.

Rolling my Camera, Celebrity Style

A studio mattebox is large and offers full coverage thereby ensuring only that much light goes into your picture as you would like. Anything more and it will shun it. This will save you a lot of effort and money that goes in post shooting editing.

Reviews on using a Mattebox

you will find that the Lightweight Matte Box and the broadcast matte box are the most popular ones. The broadcast mattebox however has a predetermined role of functioning with a broadcasting camera. The broadcast matte box is very particularly designed to do justice to the task of broadcast shooting.

Shooting on an empty wallet

Some people claim that a DSLR doesn’t require a matte box, but please note that there is special DSLR matte boxes designed to work specifically with the DSLR. Even I find it unnerving that sometimes the accessories end up to be more expensive than the core device.

Some strange tricks with the camera that actually work!

You have to know your subject and then understand your customer base so that you get an idea about how you can ensure that your subject can be depicted in the best light. Every subject has an ideal way of representation.

What does a great video maker say?

Photography isn’t as easy as picking up your camera and start clicking in every direction. You must have the eye to see what everyone does and yet no one recognizes. It would be best if you begin by understanding your own potential in the market.

Does every motion picture have to be complicated?

The problem with making films is that it isn’t as easy as it appears to be. Things get slightly complicated when you actually get down to making things on your own. What we see in the television or read in a book is mere theory.

Biggest Mistakes in Film Making

Film making is as complicated a domain as it is creative. There are so many nitty gritties to it that it can always become a very difficult situation to understand and identify how to precede. For the most part, many people state that good films can be made by:a.

Should our videos be completely devoid of any effects?

The worst effect that ruins any video is the random streak of light that enters the frame and destroys the overall look and feel of the subject content. This is where a mattebox comes into picture.

Selecting a Matte Box for your Business

You can buy a cheap matte box and think that you saved a lot of money here, but then think again, will anyone pay you for the kind of quality you will be able to produce with that particular matte box? 

Get your Photography Skilled Recognized and Supported

As more and more people are becoming aware about the commercial advantages of excellent photography and high quality video making, directors and producers of various television and internet channels are on the lookout for good talent.

Tips on Making Great Videos

One of the most important aspects of movie making today is the kind of gear used by people. If your apparatus is high end and has all the essential features, then you will not have any trouble in creating videos that are out of this world.

Advantages of using a Mattebox for Video Making

The most obvious advantage of using the mat box is that it helps in maintaining the quality of the video by preventing unwanted light interferences.


Easy tricks with your camera

Easy tricks with your camera

Videos are of different kinds. So, each one will have a different role to play. Each will be slightly different when it comes to its nature and approach. However, there are a certain things that you must bear in mind regardless of the kind of video you are making.