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Automation Sources

UiPath - Robotic Process Automation

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)? How can I automate my work processes? Are you in need to go to market faster, make your organization more effective, want to test functionality and integrate applications in hours rather than days and weeks? Whether you are just starting or looking for expert advice, chances are, you'll find something to improve your world.

28 Marketing Automation Stats that Matter

28 Marketing Automation Stats that Matter By Melissa Mathews | June 12, 2013 Marketing automation facts and statistics can be found all over the Web. The numbers to support the use of marketing automation are staggering. When you are making a business case internally for marketing automation, these numbers can help you validate the investment.

The Pros and Cons of Process Automation

Automation in and of itself is not necessarily efficient or even the right choice for your business or organization. The choice to automate a given process or task should always go through at least a basic decision tree, weighing the known benefits and costs.

Importance of Automation Systems in Industrial Processes | Industrial Engineering

In industries the most important thing that has engrossed our lives is automatic industrial processes. Now this process has become so inherent in our industrial systems that everything seems impossible without it. Can you imagine a world without washing machine's, auto start vehicles, and hi-tech mobile phones?

Automation Importance

Describes the importance of automation through its advantages.

What is Automation?

The dictionary defines automation as "the technique of making an apparatus, a process, or a system operate automatically." We define automation as " the creation and application of technology to monitor and control the production and delivery of products and services."

Society Of Mechatronics Engineering & Technology "SOME TECH"

Advantages:1. Lesser working hours for the same production.2. Reduced lead time.3. Elimination of set up time.4. Safer working conditions.5. Better product quality.6. Increased standard of living.Disadvantages:1. Lower skill levels of workers.2. High initial investment.3. Retrechment or unemployment.4. Not suitable for short product life cycle.5. Not economically justifiable for small scale production.


Besides affecting individual workers, automation has an impact on society in general. Productivity is a fundamental economic issue that is influenced by automation. The productivity of a process is traditionally defined as the ratio of output units to the units of labour input.

Automation's Effect on Jobs

There's been no shortage of discussion over the past decade about the impact automation has had on manufacturing jobs. To uncover the industry's current state of mind on this topic, Editor-in-Chief Gary Mintchell put the question to the Automation World discussion forum on LinkedIn.

16 Eye-Opening Sales & Marketing Stats

Curious how other B2B companies are approaching their lead generation strategy? What about their technology usage, or their approach to lead nurturing? Often, having an idea of what other companies are doing is the exact motivation you need to pull the trigger on that email marketing solution you've been eyeing, or that new social platform you've been avoiding for months.