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Updated by David Feldman on Jan 04, 2014
Headline for Top Stories 1.4.13
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Top Stories 1.4.13

Does Gay Bashing Republican Congressman Aaron Schock seem closeted to you?

"Airplane Photobombs Major Deegan Expressway"

Photo captured by Daniel Miller on Twitter. The best tweet of the day. @kracioppi yes - Daniel miller (@millerlite1996) January 4, 2014

"More Evidence George Zimmerman Is A Monster"

Watch this newly released video. It's chilling. Back in November of 2013 27-year-old Samantha Scheibe, George Zimmerman's then girlfriend, called 911 telling police Zimmerman threatened to kill her. How is it possible police didn't press charges after watching this video?

"Ex CBS Reporter Outs Gay GOP Homophobic Congressman"

Voters in the Illinois 18th congressional district should know their homophobic republican congressman Aaron Schock is in the closet. This according to former CBS freelancer Itay Hod Post by Itay Hod.

Here's Exactly How Much the Government Would Have to Spend to Make Public College Tuition-Free

A mere $62.6 billion dollars! According to new Department of Education data, that's how much tuition public colleges collected from undergraduates in 2012 across the entire United States. And I'm not being facetious with the word mere, either.

Is the Contraceptive NuvaRing Killing Thousands? The Full Investigation

When 24-year-old Erika Langhart-talented, beautiful, bound for law school-died on Thanksgiving Day 2011, she became one of thousands of suspected victims of the birth-control device NuvaRing. Elite army athlete Megan Henry, who survived rampant blood clots in her 20s, is another.